NIOCCSA forms Advisory Board for Occupational Health and Safety (ABOSH)

Consulting body NIOCCSA formed the Advisory Board for Occupational Health and Safety (ABOSH).

Consulting body NIOCCSA is forming the Advisory Board for Occupational Health and Safety (ABOSH) to promote health and safety education and development.

“We have studied a number of professions and practices since 2004 and have come to the conclusion that Southern African OHS practice does not measure up to international practice,” announced the National Institute for Organisational Compliance Consultants of Southern Africa (NIOCCSA) executive member Rudy Maritz in July 2014.

[[UPDATE 4 AUGUST; Rudy Maritz reported; “We have received a total of 18 nominations thus far, not all are high level as we hoped. We will keep it open up to end September.
I highlighted this need in the Mining versus Construction dilemma. We need a central port of call to promote OHS in industry, and not allow industry to promote OHS, or we would have a replay of the Construction Regulations issues when the OHS Act is redrafted.]]

“The new board will respond to deficient training requirements and standards for gauging health and safety performance in the workplace. Too much importance is placed on external audits and Labour inspections in data and perceptions of compliance, while training and research are disregarded as we move towards professionalism.

“We do not have sufficient leadership in occupational health and safety research and development for various reasons, such as funding, cultural and historic elements,” said Maritz.

“ABOSH will focus on resolving restrictions facing OHS practitioners from entry level to mid-career. We are inviting specialists from all the various fields in the OHS group of professions.”

NIOCCSA questions and answers

Maritz responded to questions raised in response to the announcement.

Q; Is NIOCCSA copying SAIOSH and IOSM by setting up another board within a body?
A; No. ABOSH does not test or certify competence, nor contract to NIOCCSA, nor collect fees. It will be the first independent body of professionals with vast experience in all aspects of OHS, to advise authorities, service providers and employers on research, curriculum standards, CPD requirements and best practice.

Q; Are ABOSH members appointed or elected?
A; Board members will include professionals in various OHS disciplines, such as doctors, nurses, engineers, hygienists, psychologists, toxicologists, behaviour and safety professionals. It is open to members of any professional association. NIOCCSA management members may not be nominated to ensure and maintain independence. Practitioners will have representation and avenues of input regardless of membership.

Q; Is ABOSH a duplicate of ACOSH?
A; No, the board will not directly advise the Minister of Labour. It will engage practitioners, educational institutions, employers, the SACPCMP registrar, and industry-specific bodies such as Achasm, SIMRAC, CAIA and others.

Q; How would interested parties participate in ABOSH?
A; Anyone can nominate a board member. We correspond with nominees, and allow comments or objections. People can also nominate themselves.

Q; Is NIOCCSA a rubber-stamp of professional bodies?
A; All professional associations are rubber-stamps to some extent in that they verify education, training, experience and service records, against a set of criteria. NIOCCSA is also an advisor to, and advocate for consultants. Our recent agreement with the PECB is proof of our commitment to bring benefit to OHS practitioners.

Q; Is NIOCCSA membership still free?
A; Yes, but only to the end of July. From 1 August 2014, new members will pay to join.

Q; How would you fund ABOSH functions?
A; ABOSH members are not paid. Funding would be needed for research and development and we will cross that bridge as the need for research projects are identified.

Q; What is the Consultants Advisory?
A; The Consultants Advisory (CA) is a publication used by NIOCCSA members, like a credit risk report used by banks for granting loans. The CA highlights risks associated with doing business with certain clients, based on payment records and outstanding claims. The CA also lists details and complaints against consultants and client Agents. For example, an unqualified Client Safety officer rejected an EME contractor’s health and safety file four times, after it was vetted as acceptable by five external consultants. Thus the CA also exposes victimisation.

Q; Would the CA list corruption and bribery?
A; The SA National Treasury Department issues documents on such criminal offences. Court records, sentences and news are in the public domain. NIOCCSA responds to track records with blacklisting from membership.

Q; How many members have NIOCCSA already black-listed?
A; None, but we have numerous complaints lodged against members and non-members. We have a dual listing scheme; a red list for members under investigation and monitoring, and a black list for deregistered members. We report red-listing to the Department of Labour.

Q; Who are your members?
A; We serve consultants. OHS practitioners make up 25% of our membership. Other professions are keen to support us, but the OSH fraternity seems to be reluctant to join any professional association, particularly where ethical business is verified. We require ITC and fraud clearances of Accredited professionals, and this seems to scare off some consultants. Our Accredited members are beyond reproach.

Q; Do you test competency like IOSM?
A; Not as a rule. Some certification bodies, such as the HRCI, require competency testing for international recognition, but international recognition is optional. We do not re-test them. Competency testing for re-certification is an international practice. SA still lags behind in that regard in OHS practice.

Q; What is your planned online exam for?
A; We will set online exams to gain continued professional development (CPD). Instead of tea-and-scone workshops, we opted for real learning, involving online assessments in a three-year certification cycle. Members are notified when due for advancement, and select the CPD level exam they wish to take for CPD credits.


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38 Comments on "NIOCCSA forms Advisory Board for Occupational Health and Safety (ABOSH)"

  1. Craig Parker | 11 July 2014 at 06:37 |

    Yet another safety acronym, sounds a bit like an A-grade NEBOSH student – ABOSH. For more than 50 years uncle Ray of Safety held the record for creating the most safety acronyms in South Africa. He has officially lost his first place. We now have a new kid on the block, his faster and quicker than any Light of Ray. He has created more safety agencies, institutions, boards and acronyms than any man before him. Nothing has changed though, its still a one man show with exams.

    Now for the defense attack from the two NIOCCSA supporters, 1.2.3. go!

    • Koos Duvenhage | 11 July 2014 at 11:52 |

      Ha ha ha Craig – this is what I have been saying all along. That is why I did invent IRCNOSHA and was dishing out stars to members for free. They NIOCCSA ouens got really upset wif me – wait for it, Pieter Shieldetjie will be out soon, just you wait and see. Then there are the agent for change, rude boy mampara – sometimes he does talk sense though, so we must be careful to weed out the good from the bad. Oom Ray must be doing a little dance of anger – but it is nice to upset the pretoria boys – they does love safety so much they think they are are scientists and artists rolled into one – but one things is for sure, they never did have any fashion senses.

      Former editor responds; Koos, you should apologise for using the strongest language lightly, or add a red hard hat and overalls to your red nose. In the trappe van vergelyking of derogation, mampara is reserved for people like Sanral, certain traffic police, sondaars and tollenaars. Very few Sheq people are mamparas, and they are not known to contribute to this site.

  2. Dear Ed, it is no longer ABOSH it is now NABOHS. You can’t be blamed, Maritz is establishing safety bodies and changing names at a rate that no one can keep up with. Your reference to the Minister’ of Labour’s Advisory council is however wrong it should read ACOHS.

  3. Danny van Zyl | 13 July 2014 at 19:14 |

    I find it rather amusing, yet not quite different to what expected. The article introduces a very interesting idea. A body that advises on what practitioners in OHS needs in terms of training & development.
    But I have a few questions of my own.
    Firstly, why would anybody want to improve OHS practitioners? They seem to have nothing in common with other professions. Some do not even have matric or Std 2 woodwork?
    They operate off a tick sheet, and frankly, in their own lack of training, create a wealth of income opportunities for training providers, consultants and other professionals.
    I do not want to gloat, but I drive a R750 000 car, own a R3 million rand house that I do not owe the bank and I run an online business, selling solutions to problems that safety officers create – safety files. If they are wised up (properly educated), I and many others like me, stand to lose a great deal. So why on earth would I want them to be educated?
    Take the responses above. I assume these people are “Safety officers” as my research only reflects a TV actor and a safety officer employed by a company where people are dying of mesothelioma. They debate the acronym ABOSH to determine who is a mampara, totally disregarding the content of the article. One had some more intelligence to search for a website and found the editor was “mislead” to believe that the name is ABOSH, only to find out it is a National Advisory Body now “renamed” to NABOHS. It remains the same thing however, but that is not important for the Safety Officers. The acronym is very very important.
    I see this all the time. As long as the acronym is correct, the content is irrelevant. It is not a proper inspection of hand tools if you call it a tool box inspection. Even if your tools are inside the tool box. No it is wrong. It is a tool box talk. Not an inspection.
    “Hey spanner, are you safe?”
    And you cannot appoint a sub-ordinate supervisor, it is an assistant supervisor. It does not matter what duties you assign to the person, as long as “Assistant Supervisor” and “CR 6(2)” is visible, your file will be approved. The content is irrelevant in the H&S Plan, but you may not use the incorrect acronym of the OSHAct – it is the OHSAct please.
    NIOCCSA is set on a path of self-destruction and poverty. They are trying to fix something broken beyond repair.
    Ray Strydom of IoSM tried it many years ago when he formed the NOSHBO in 2007. The founder member(s) of IOSM, SAPEMA, SAIOH and Safety First Association (Ray Strydom Inc.) hoped all other professional OHS societies will join NOSHBO and that large corporations and employers will support the initiative. They didn’t. Instead they created their own. SACPCMP, BUILDSAFE etc etc. Why? So they can control the education and development of the people that costs them money. Well done. You are all making us extremely wealthy.
    It had the same idea back then as NIOCCSA now has; to create an independent body of experts to act as advisors to all professional associations, government, employers etc etc. Why did Ray fail? The same reason NIOCCSA will fail.
    Nobody cares!!! It is about MONEY!!!! OHS is low-key in most companies – despite the fancy footwork with slogans and absolute rules. If you educate them, employers will have to pay more for the same. That is why we created SHEQ, SHEQRT, SHHHSEREQ and IRCONOSHIT, so that we can have many professional functions for R8 000 per month at practitioner level and R15 000 pm at manager level, while the HR manager gets R75 000 pm.
    Keep them there in the lowlands, (at maximum next to the production team leader and shift foremen) is my opinion. Even an electrician’s assistant gets more than the average SHE officer.
    Stop the upliftment- you are ruining my kingdom!
    The SACPCMP and the NDOL / DOL – (N for National, but it is not the same as the DOL remember), will only force employers to get their registered persons to undergo CPD at the employer’s expense.
    And the SACPCMP is up for a surprise. Client officers around the country have already stated that they need not register as they work in the office, not on construction sites. Whahaha. Great, more money for my on-line business.
    What I can say in favour of NIOCCSA, is that they actually stand up for their members. They guarantee their competence. Not like their “anger dancing” counterpart, IOSM, who “will not take responsibility for the quality of service provided as it does not have any control over services provided by its members”. I bet my SLS, that SAIOSH also has some indemnity clause or 37(2) agreement that prevents them from being sued for the screw-ups of their “professionals”.
    No, Sorry NIOCCSA, but you are wasting your hard earned money trying to promote this bunch of “professionals”. They do not want it – get the message! They are happy where they are, like a pig in mud. I wonder, mr editor if SANRAL is the mampara after all?
    My advice to the Stormer boys of NIOCCSA, is to get out of this circus while you still have some support, albeit from two people only. Put your money in promoting your own companies, create your own wealth and retire at 50 like me with a passive income of R120 000pm. And I did not even have to leave SA.

    • Koos Duvenhage | 14 July 2014 at 07:50 |

      Ha Ha Danny. A fool and his money are soon parted….don’t you worry. You’ve set yourself up in a country where the big chief will take everything from you – your house, your fancy car (Hi JACK!!) and if you are not careful whatever else is precious to you. Health and Safety is a major career outside of South Africa, the problem is those in SA who have never ventured outside of the country to work do not know this. I know plenty people who made bucketloads of money in the early to mid nineties when the new OHS act came out – they were driving porches, had boats, nice houses – some lost it all, because they did not know how to manage their sudden wealth. So look after it – but remember, professional training for H&S guys can get you big money working all over the world – I guess if you don’t know these people you have been moving in the wrong circles. But I take my hat off to you for spotting a gap in the market and making big money off of just issuing H&S files. Just remember, there are plenty like you all over the world doing this in H&S, you are not the first, won’t be the last. A passive income today might be a passive nothing tomorrow if the gubberment takes it all.

      • Danny van Zyl | 14 July 2014 at 08:09 |

        Koos, your saying is totally incorrect. Let me correct you on this.
        “the problem is those in SA who have never ventured outside of the country to work” do not know how to make enough money for an overseas holiday.
        Besides, the expats I know have already lost everything precious to them. Their families. And you guys sitting in your cushy “overseas” positions, have little or no impact on SA, so all you can do is rant and rave. You forget that even you are considered “cheap labour” in the overseas market.

      • Koos Duvenhage | 14 July 2014 at 09:55 |

        We have taken our family with us. In 10 years I have had no burglar alarm, armed response, security devices to my home – hell, I even once left the keys to my house in the door on the outside! My tax money goes to free healthcare, some of the best in the world, reliable public transport, good infrastructure and more. The weather is kak, but my holidays in Majorca, Ibiza, algarve or wherever sipping cocktails by the beach during generous holidays (30 plus days a year) more than makes up for it. I now have a passport that I can travel freely on and see the world and open my mind. The best part is, I have a very good career path, as there are thousands of professionals like me with degree or higher level qualifications in health and safety. We don’t get paid badly, that is for sure. Of course if you only have samtrac perhaps it is better to stay in SA and offer sub standard services – you won’t even get an interview here. Anyway what is the point of staying in a place where my family will be exposed to higher than average odds of rape or murder?

      • Koos Duvenhage | 14 July 2014 at 10:02 |

        On yes, lest I forget, some of the big players are well poised to enter the SA market and clean up the contracts – but is the funny money worth it? I like to keep an eye on what is happening just for a laugh, but sometimes I’m prompted to think that maybe a few million “rands” thrown at SA could shake up the market a bit and introduce some professional services to the naive clients who get taken for a ride everyday.

      • Danny van Zyl | 14 July 2014 at 10:17 |

        “professionals like me with degree or higher level qualifications in health and safety. We don’t get paid badly, that is for sure. Of course if you only have samtrac perhaps it is better to stay in SA”

        Is it not exactly this the reason why NIOCCSA wants to change things? I went through all their comments, and one thing I am sure of. They are doing something to change the entry level into this circus so that it can become a profession.
        I am sure if you bother to ask rude boy mampara in person you would be surprized. But there is safety in distance.
        You sip cocktails while people are dying on the job because as you admitted yourself, they are not good enough to be in your shoes. I still think they are wasting their time, but perhaps some common sense will prevail. But it is always easy to hide behind a fictitious character and “air an expert opinion”, not knowing how much others are laughing behind your back.

      • Koos Duvenhage | 14 July 2014 at 11:36 |

        Ag come on Danny – make some sense – you make kak h&s files, adding to the paper based beauracracy while people are dying – you freely admit it by boasting how much you are earning for doing very little to actually save lives. Are you a bit jealous you are stuck in a one party state where your prized car can be taken away from you at any time? Look in the mirror and see Koos Duvenhage, because he is you and every other mampara who’s knowledge about safety is dangerous!!!

      • Craig Parker | 14 July 2014 at 13:05 |

        Koos, if Danny look in the mirror he will see Rudy not Koos. No one will “shield” NIOCCSA like that, not even Peter. Does it make sense?

      • Danny van Zyl | 14 July 2014 at 14:54 |

        Okay, you two siamese twins are confusing me now. First NIOCCSA is not good enough, then SA safety officers are not good enough, then NIOCCSA wants to educate them, which is not good enough, then you are better than SA because you do not have crime which is not good enough. You sound like old farts with different odours.
        Which is it now? Or was I right the first time. SHE is just shit spelt the “safety officer” way.

      • Koos Duvenhage | 14 July 2014 at 15:24 |

        Basically Danny, I will summarise succintly for you. H&S in South Africa is a gemors. That doesn’t mean it is not a worthwhile profession globally. It means the south african “professionals” must get their collective fingers out, and stop talking a good game, and just get on and do it. The fly by night operators will always be there – making a quick buck, talking up their wealth when times are good and then pleading poverty when it all goes belly up and they have nothing personally to their name that confirms they are competent. I could not make sense of what it is you are trying to say other than Health and Safety is not a bona fide profession. I suggest you look up Professor Trevor Kletz and read some of his books – a solid H&S professional with many years experience and a fountain of knowledge derived from a high risk chemical business. Very down to earth. In his summation, anybody who says safety is not rocket science is an idiot – in rocket science there are just a few types of fuel used in the combustion process that propels the rocket……however in the workplace, .there are millions of ways a person could get killed with countless permeatations. Make quick money if you want, but please don’t think you are actually contributing anything to Health and Safety – there are plenty professionals out there who are making a difference and are highly respected and remunnerated accordingly.

      • Danny van Zyl | 14 July 2014 at 15:41 |

        Congratulations Koos. You finally said what I already know. H&S in SA is a gemors. And unlike the so-called professional bodies who talks about it, I cash in. Do I contribute? Who cares. I’m not a safety officer. I am a businessman. I sell what people want. If they want safety files, I sell it.
        I do not care what they do with it after they paid. It is editable, and they know they must change it to suit the whims of the “file approval clerk” or whatever title or designation you want to recognise.
        And yes, there are surely good guys out there. But I doubt they are members of any professional body. NIOCCSA, SAIOSH IOSM and all the others have done nothing in the last decade to uplift the gemors from its grave. They all talk about it like you said.
        Now if I had to run these bodies, I would say “this is the rules” You like it you may join us and get the benefit of a takeaway piece of paper that gets you work anywhere in the world. Can they? Nope. IOSM never bothered. SAIOSH bothered until they got SAQA’s mark of the beast on their foreheads, then kicked IOSH in the knickers. NIOCCSA is still trying to do what the others already failed to do. So it will remain a gemors. Then comes along the SACPCMP and we all go WOW!!! And as the deadline draws closer they start to justify why they need not register – where in fact they know they cannot register. They do not have the balls!
        And with this, I am off to Australia! Koos, its been fun yanking your chain!! Say good buy to your evo twin Bruce Willis or what ever he wants to be called.

  4. Peter Shields | 14 July 2014 at 08:33 |

    All I can say is start a business today.
    Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
    No qualification required, comprehensive training and intensive Head office backing. Purchase a franchise in KZN from a Nationally based franchise group. This business specializes in the field of Occupational Health and Safety consulting.

  5. Peter Shields | 14 July 2014 at 08:38 |

    If this person sells only one franchise per year, he makes double what the average safety officer earns. No qualification required. It proves this profession is far from it.

  6. Peter Shields | 14 July 2014 at 10:21 |

    Stop arguing about qualifications guys. For R447 000 you can become a consultant with no qualifications whatsoever. Start a business boys, start a business. Safety is an important job, People need it. CEO’s are scared of the DOL. Start a business.

    • Koos Duvenhage | 14 July 2014 at 11:42 |

      Or I could join nioccsa for free (hurry, only until the end of the month),. Now where can I buy that franchise? Ha ha Pieter, you are right. Maybe I will cash in my pensions and make a businesses. I just to make a cc, get a labtop, and a printer and some ring binder files and I am away. Oh and some kontankts, and my friend from the township – sipho. He can be 55% “partner”. And I can sit back passively and count my notes.

      • Peter Shields | 14 July 2014 at 14:57 |

        Ai Ai Koos, even joining NIOCCSA after the free period will not make you impo(r)tent or competent or whatever you guys are fighting over. Nothing will. Not membership, not training, not degrees, not registration nadda!!

      • Koos Duvenhage | 14 July 2014 at 15:30 |

        Ag, liewe aarde Pieter, thats alright. I am not so worried anymore. I can just make a passive income and then I will be fine.

      • Peter Shields | 14 July 2014 at 15:50 |

        Koos. Seeing that you keep getting my name wrong I looked up the correct spelling. I so stumbled upon the definition of Koos.
        koos. the middle eastern word for pussy.not to be mistaken for cous cous
        noun. STATE OF BEING, drunk or inebriated through other means.

        verb. TO KOOS, to make out, have sex with, or otherwise show romantic interest in another person.

        adj. KOOSABLE, someone who is, in the point of view of the speaker, a good candidate for potential romantic action.

        The beauty of the word lies in its flexibility.
        noun. After a heavy night of drinking Dude, I am so freaking koosed.

        verb. See that girl? I totally want to koos her.

        adj. I think Martin’s cool and all, but to me he’s just not koosable.

      • Koos Duvenhage | 15 July 2014 at 07:53 |

        Careful Pieter, dont’ mess wif de Koosinator – there aren’t a shield big enough,

  7. Peter Shields | 15 July 2014 at 22:03 |

    Anyone heard of SAIFAP? According to safebuild this is another institute started by Rudy and he invited all the forum members to join.

    Note from the editor; Yea right. SAIFAP is a rumour based on pretending to not get a joke. The ‘South African Institute of File Approval Professionals’ is a figment of fiction to illustrate a real syndrome.

  8. Mario Steenkamp | 16 July 2014 at 09:58 |

    The comments above are duly noted, and some should raise concern to everyone serious about the OHS professions. If OHS in South Africa is in disarray and in a state of dismay, then it would be wise to support initiatives to improve and that aim to change public opinion of the Sheq fraternity.

    I have been involved with NIOCCSA from the beginning and I invited Rudy to join us after I have seen his commitment to the profession. We did at first not see eye to eye, but that did not deter anyone within the management team of NIOCCSA to push forward. We set off to promote, enhance and change to professional image of consultants, and later introduced (Against Rudy’s advice) a career path for HS officers to advance to Integrated Management Consultants. We could have opted to oppose everybody else, but instead invited them to participate.

    Co-operation among professional associations in SA seems to be pie in the sky, and we continued dead set on meeting our commitments. We have since formed international relationships with bodies sharing our common purpose. The PECB was the first to respond and we trust our other liaisons will materialise before the end of the year. Despite a low level of public participation, NIOCCSA remains committed to its members. As the professional associations did not want to give their input, we opted to approach employers, and in doing so, we are setting up a number of specific advisory boards (not in terms of SAQA, but in terms of the principles of corporate governance). We invite readers to research the function of the advisory boards.

    No professionals want to be ‘regulated’. WE have seen this with all professions around the world. However, if a collective effort is not made to address the problems within a profession, at one time or another the law enforcers will intervene. We have seen this already with construction professionals.

    I urge everyone to use opportunities like these. Oppinions won’t change the regulatory framework or increase your value. Address your concerns where it matters. If Cosatu or AMCU can bring the entire country to its knees with strikes, why do we as professionals still not believe in the power of collective bargaining?

    Is it not time that we speak up, and say that short courses are not good enough, we want degrees. Make it happen! Is it not time the Higher Education Institutes wake up and smell the gap in the market? We need a bridge from informal to formal education. We need training in business management – health – ergonomics etc etc. When are these institutions going to create recognised and affordable courses to advance us to where business want us?

    Is it not time OHS speak up and said, Mr CEO, we keep you out of jail, but your attorney gets all the money when you are already locked up?
    If you are happy being “just another safety officer” or file approver, it remains your choice. We will create the avenues for you, but we all need to walk the path.

  9. Peter Shields | 16 July 2014 at 20:04 |

    All well then. How do NIOCCSA propose to get rid of the FAP’s of this world?
    SAIOSH? Neels, Shane!! And the other silent partners, tell us what SAIOSH will do to stop FAP’s taking over the profession?
    IOSM – Oom Ray!! Vaatjie!! Hellooo!! you still there? How is IoSM getting rid of the FAP’s? Oh Vaatjie? NIOCCSA has you on their member list. Jumping fences?
    Oh, well done with the advertising page on your website. Not accepting responsibility? Credit Cards perhaps?
    Peter Shields may not be clever, but I know all of you! Stop playing hide and seek. Get out there and do some damage control.
    I have a challenge for all of you. Why do you not all combine your 1 million years of expertise and “become” NABOHS or whatever you want to rename it to.
    Joep!!! Consultant for the SACPCMP Hello!!
    Rudy! You started this, you better finish it please before we have nothing left but a dinosaur in a movie – “I’m Shreq – not legend” or would it be Jurasheq Park?
    Prof Smallwood – you have made more sense than most people so far. You up for this?
    Thobile? As CI and NIOCCSA honourary member, should you not be involved? Phumi, we know you have your hands full of engineers at the enquiry, so just finish that first and make some decent recommendations to the NPA and kick some butt!
    Where is James and Rudolph of SAFCEC?
    Neels of ACOSH, MBSA, (Did I mention you in SAIOSH and IOSH SA?)
    Hannes!!! DASH!! (not the clothing factory, the other DASH)
    Joe!! What is SAQA’s view on this? You did say these guys need to work together or lose accreditation did you not? 2016 not so far away….can’t wait.
    There you go….NABOSH Completed!
    Now book a venue and start doing something!!

    • Peter Shields | 16 July 2014 at 20:11 |

      Perhaps Mr Nxesi is right. We need transformation in the professions. Out with the CBE now!! We already have Jurasheq Park. Perhaps we need young blood, fresh brains and IT competent people that can use paperless apps and e-files. Then we do not have to kill a forest every time we need copies of SANS100142 in the safety file.

      The youth is the future, why not let them determine their own?
      This list of mine is rather pale. We need more colour to spice it up.
      lol – Pimp your Board!

  10. Craig Parker | 17 July 2014 at 05:30 |

    Peter you just don’t get it, do you. Even Rudy has seen the light and no longer runs down everyone and everything remotely related to OHS in South Africa. As the “official poster boy” you are doing NIOCCSA more harm than good.

    • Mario Steenkamp | 17 July 2014 at 14:45 |

      Craig, just for the record, Peter Shields is no “official poster boy” of NIOCCSA. We tolerate some people who run down individuals in NIOCCSA, I am sure we can tolerate Peter’s attacks on others. If people want to judge NIOCCSA based on comments by people who do not represent the profession, or people without the confidence to state their case under their real names, then we are probably better off without them.
      I can assure you that any member of NIOCCSA, including Rudy, or any of the management team, are disciplined within our Code of Ethics and Conduct. Peter Shields is not a member, nor related to Vernon Shields, a NIOCCSA exco member.
      I deal with promoting NIOCCSA and liaising with other bodies and certification partners, so call me the ‘poster boy’ if you want to.

      • Koos Duvenhage | 17 July 2014 at 16:05 |

        Niekakse are quite sensitive. They must be subject to the same scrutiny as others. Finish en klaar.

      • Peter Shields | 17 July 2014 at 19:31 |

        Not a poster boy? Hehe. I side with Danny on this one. Who cares? I gave my input on the NABOHS issue. Now it is up to everybody but Koos here, to act.
        I cannot do anything but run down the H&S speedcops and the FLAPS of this world. Today once again it was a FLAP that did not want us on site coz the file hasn’t been approved. But we can come abseil tomorrow when it rains and endanger our lives, because the FLAP rented a R14 million crane and that cannot be delayed. (I think the FLAP does not know he could have bought 10 franchises for that price.

      • Peter Shields | 17 July 2014 at 19:36 |

        Oh and Neels, the FLAP is one of yours. AND, wait for it….
        A MBA member!! Putting people’s lives at risk is of lesser importance than stalling a project until the weather clears up. No, but the File you see, that will protect us from falling in the rain, landing softly on the reams of paper nobody bothers to read or understand. The File!!!
        I wonder if one can go to hell without a letter of good standing? It is more important than the Bible. And the File!!!! oh Lord, you better not get to the Pearly Gates without a FLAP approved File.

  11. Peter Shields | 17 July 2014 at 19:38 |

    And the L I added for Letter of Goodstanding, so the SAIFAP needs to be renamed to SAIFLAP. South African Institute of File and Letter Approval Professionals.

    • Koos Duvenhage | 18 July 2014 at 05:29 |

      Getting yourself into quite a flap there? Don’t worry Peter, I understand your predicament. These poephols don’t know the first thing about construction safety (never mind health). This is all based on a kak enforcement agency (let’s rename DOL to DROL) and a kak set of regulations with extra kak advice from the DROLs on how to implement the gemors. Then you have every ray and his dog who think they are experts – meantime their qualifications are kak, giving them a kak basis for providing competent advice, trying to make a sense of the kak by quoting like they are reading from the bible a kak drafting of words that have no basis in sound risk management. That is why we have NIEKAKSE, who are trying to be anti-kak, but unfortunately the only way to combat kak is with more kak. So maybe we should all just go and sit outside the DROLs offices and have a poo protest. It will be far more productive than the past 20 years of democratic safety management.

  12. I truly cannot believe any of these above comments, which belittle, slander and defame others, coming from people who call themselves professionals. Clearly some remarks and comments are true when it comes to certain persons, whom in my opinion are only in it to make money, offering nothing positive or motivational in improving the well-being of the profession. If you have nothing good to say rather do not say it and if you are so brilliant why do you not put your good knowledge and intelligence in to do something positive to uplift the profession, rather than mud-slinging and name-calling. None of us are interested in what car you drive, how much you house costs, or where you go on holiday.

    I would be ashamed to call myself a professional if all you are able to is sell phony safety files to unsuspecting clients and companies. Please gentlemen act like professionals. You guys are a hoot.

    ==== Former editor notes; The defamers, clay whippers and file merchants are probably different people. Choose your weapons.

    • Danny van Zyl | 19 July 2014 at 21:10 |

      If my safety files are “phony”, who do you think approves them? Phony safety officers!
      And that was the point I am trying to make, but obviously failed. Safety Officers are incompetent. They are more focused on getting files approved (or not) than what actually matters – the safety standards on site. Clients appoint these Phony Safety officers who gives out Phony Specifications that is copied from the internet. Then the contractors come to me and I draft a file based on the Phony specification – then the Phony safety officer approves the file and the contractor can start working.
      Now you tell me Thomas – what is wrong here? Do you really think I care if the client gets sued for Killing someone on site? Hell no, he should be locked up and the key thrown away. But until someone STOPS me and all the others from selling safety files based on hogwash provided by the clients, I will drive any car I please.
      And then, If you read the current Former editor’s Choice – 75% of companies are compliant – so 75% of my files are compliant. And you know what Thomas…
      I sell them for R850 only. Now do the math – how many do you think I sell a month?
      I am not cheating or ripping people off – I give them what the Phony safety officer wants so they can start the job and make money so that people can get jobs and earn money. I do my part to create employment – Not like the Phony safety officers who wants to prevent people from working. And no – I do not call myself a professional – just look at your profession and give me one good reason why I would insult myself like that?

      • Koos Duvenhage | 21 July 2014 at 12:48 |

        Jeez Danny, you actually make sense now and have won me over. The worst is the phony DOL and their claims thAt 75% of the workforce is compliant with legal requirements – phoney DOL / H&S law enforcement can be added too your list. Anyway who can say Koos is not real – I say it as it is, like a caped crusader. If this hurts peoples feeling – well cry me a river.

  13. Sheqafrica | 4 August 2014 at 07:53 |

    NIOCCSA chairperson Rudy Maritz reported this update; “We have received a total of 18 nominations thus far, not all are high level as we hoped. We will keep it open up to end September 2014, on email
    “The Mining versus Construction dilemma confirmed the need for this forum. We need a central port of call to promote OHS in industry, and not allow industry to promote OHS, or we would have a replay of all the Construction Regulations issues, in all industires, when the OHS Act is redrafted by DOL via the ACOHS.”

  14. Thanks for any other informative site. Where else may I am getting that type of info written in such a perfect method? I have a challenge that I’m simply now operating on, and I have been on the look out for such information.

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