HSE Policy Statement Disconnect

Shane Lishman asks the hard questions when it comes to HSE Policy Statements and give some tips relating to these public commitments.

David Broadbent unpacks the large role of risk tolerance in workplace health and safety.

How to spot risk tolerance at work

Major incidents are rare, but they migrate to sites where managers and workers have a high risk tolerance, writes safety psychologist David Broadbent.

Department of Labour deputy director-general of Inspection, Aggy Moiloa.

DOL retail health and safety seminar

South African Labour inspectors are informing employers about retail health and safety compliance at a seminar in Cape Town on 28-29 June 2016.

Wind energy and agriculture are compatible (Photo; Cleantechnica).

Renewable energy costs pay off

South Africa’s first wind and photovoltaic solar renewable energy costs, brought R4-b more benefit than cost in the first half of 2015.

zero waste

Is Zero Waste possible in South Africa?

South Africa has the National Environmental Management Waste Act to assist in implementing Zero Waste strategies. Yet we continue investing in non-renewable energy, rather than looking at alternative energy solutions like Sweden did.


The Risk Assessment Continuum (Part 2)

Risk assessment plays an important part in managing risk and the cost of project implementations. Shane Lishman shares more of his project experiences.

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