DOL postpones construction health and safety registration

The Chief Inspector of Labour postponed construction health and safety registration with the SACPCMP until August 2015.

The draft Government Notice circulated on 5 August 2014, headed ‘Notice regarding application of the Construction Regulations 2014’, follows general criticism of greay areas in the regulations and impracticalities in its implementation.

Under Section 40 (3)(b) of the OHS Act, chief inspector Thobile Lamati grant temporary exemptions regarding SACPCMP registration, under Section 5(8), for these categories of construction health and safety professionals until 6 August 2015;

• Regulation 5 (7)(b) Construction Health and Safety Agent as in sub-regulation (5) and (6);
• Regulation 8 (6) Construction Health and Safety Officer as appointed by a Contractor.

The draft notice will be Gazetted soon, probably on 8 August.

See a range of comments on registration issues on several posts on

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5 thoughts on “DOL postpones construction health and safety registration

  1. And that my friends just goes to proves that our friends at the DOL don’t have a clue what they is doing – when you have a package of reglations that is so structurally flawed it goes wifout sayings that they does need to do fings like dis.

    The DOL are trying to profssionalise construction safety when the DOL itself is a bunch of hand wringing, gravy train riding, untrained, inexperienced, ill experienced govermentals who have no clue what modern health and safety is about – if they had any clue whatsover, they would be scouring the planet for some doctors and professors and other industry experts to help them shap policy and drive the implementation thereof. No, but political cronyism and nepostism is the order of the day and until they can see past that and just focus on prevetning disease, life changing and major injury and fatality in the workplace. Until then, the cottage industry “elf ‘n safety” consultants and memberships schemes will be farting into the wind trying to effect change. The unions must stand up and be counted to and make their voice known – which means they need to edumacate themselves too about health and safetys. Finish en klaar.

  2. They should just cancel the whole lot.
    All you need is to throw a health and safety file on a vacant piece of land, add water and watch the building grow.

  3. I have just created the Site File for Maintenance Vehicles, and now you want to cancel everything? Don’t be daft. I love this document. It is a Site file for a vehicle, but its not a construction vehicle, it parks on the street corner and turns into a site. What a sight!
    Lovely vehicles, much like those ones the cops drive that turn into a thornbush with a camera.
    And the Pr.DF CHS AMF SOB CMIOSH SACOSHPROF TECHGRAD approves it everytime. And it is cheap.

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