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On 5 June 2017, the Cygma Group will launch its Global Project 2022 in all regions across the globe.

“I am calling on all SHEQ Consultants and Service providers Globally! We are launching something HUGE! It is going Global! It is going to become the FUTURE!” was the words of the Cygma Group’s CEO Rudy Maritz in a post on LinkedIn. And it was not an exaggeration.

On the 5th of June 2017, the Group will be rolling out its Global Project 2022, which will enable multi-national corporations to improve on Strategic performance in the achievement of compliance with the major International Standards Organisation’s QMS standards.

Structured around a team of experienced professionals in Safety Engineering, Occupational Health, Environmental Sustainability and Total Quality Management, the company will be able to assist all its clients on a global scale, without the risk of disruption.

The Need

Companies world-wide have experienced disruption in Compliance programs when there is a change of hands from one consulting firm to the next, or when a the person in charge of compliance resigns.

Too often the new responsible person finds nothing to take over from, and starts from scratch. Not only is this a waste of financial resources, but also increases the time to get back on track.

Continuity on compliance management programs is essential to ensure the strategic objectives of the client stays on track. Disruption is an unnecessary situation often as result of a lack of transfer of ownership from the consulting firm, to the business management.

With the launch of the ISO 20700 standard on the way, management consultants are soon to find the need for greater transparency when dealing with clients, while clients will have a clearer view of what the consulting firm is actually doing, measured against what is billed.

The Problem

In the world of Safety, health, the environment, quality and risk management, all aspects of a compliance program is often on the shoulders of a HSEQ or SHEQ Specialist. The reality is that this individual does not “actually” exist. Corporate Boards and CEO’s are often not properly informed on what is expected and how this will play out in the medium term. There are not enough specialists in a single location to address the global, or even national issues many companies experience on a regular basis.

The external influences are greater than perceived. It vary from changes in laws, to changes in consumer trends; changes in materials, to changes in suppliers. And with every change comes an allocation of time and resources, a disruption of often underdetermined time-frames.

Consulting firms tends to gold-plate the requirements a company “must have” in order to gain as much revenue from their assignments, and more than often, the company management has no idea what to do when the consulting firm leaves.

An increase in consumer awareness, a rise in expressionism, and the increase of restrictive business rules, are putting more pressure on corporations to cut spending and to increase the time to market.

This pressure changes the corporate focus from the detailed, to the conceptual, and the day to day issues of leading and controlling a company at all locations become second priority.

The Result

When it comes to compliance, the risk needs to be clearly defined. Some compliance related risks can be insured, managed, subsidized or even simply ignored. Business operational performance is often a counter-indicator of the generally professed probability of a risk event occurring, but more companies have had the experience of been exposed to media coverage due to “Failures”, rather than achievements. A few comes to mind, like VW, Ford, United Airlines, Vodafone, who have all been subjected to media outcry of some internal “system failure”.

The Solution

The Cygma Group has developed a business risk management process that will enable high level management to have a finger on their web of subsidiaries across the globe, while in the same sense create internal standards of conformity throughout their value chain. From CEO of the Holding company down the Value chain to the supply chain of the smallest business unit and even their suppliers and contractors will have input in the compliance to internal standards of conformity.

The first phase of the project covers 25 aspects of business operational risk and future development will add more components to the process.

The Benefits

Conformity, improvement, continuity, irrespective of location. You no longer need to be bound to a defragmented system of “let’s hope nothing goes wrong in China”. Well, perhaps Donald Trump, but you cannot control what he does.

  • Conformity – your entire operation on the same page.
  • Improvement – Feedback from the top down
  • Continuity – people driven action, system driven reporting

For more information on the project, please subscribe to our newsletter to get first hand information about the launch.

Cygma Group Southern Africa, and it’s EU and NEMA partners will start the launch phase under the auspices of Cygma SHEQ.

The subsequent phases will also include Cygma Managed Health Services and Cygma Marine.

Pieter Lotz, MD of Cygma SHEQ

For enquiries in Southern Africa, please contact the Managing Director of Cygma SHEQ, Pieter Lotz here.



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