Employers must notify Labour of jobs vacancies

SA employers would have to notify the Department of Labour Public Employment Services of jobs vacancies, according to a Bill out for public comment in 2012.

Government fears that an ‘army of unemployed youth’ could cause civil unrest, in the words of pres Jacob Zuma at a Job Fair in July 2012.

SA DOL deputy director general of Public Employment Services, Sam Morotoba, believes that the passing into law of the Public Employment Services Bill would act as a catalyst towards mounting youth unemployment in South Africa.

The Bill the provides for functions of the recently established employment services division, as reported on Sheqafrica.com, is being discussed at the National Economic Development and Labour Council (Nedlac). It could make it compulsory for employers to notify labour centres of jobs vacancies.

The aims of the PES Bill include;
• improved access to the labour market for work seekers
• promoting employment of citizens
• providing opportunities for new entrants to the labour market to gain work experience
• improve employment prospects of persons with disabilities
• improve employment prospects of work-seekers and employees facing retrenchment
• facilitate access by work seekers to training
• promote employment growth and workplace productivity.

Morotoba said the Skills Development Act makes it voluntary for employers to register job opportunities. He argued that in the USA, Europe and many countries it was standard practice for companies to report the number of their jobs vacancies.

DOL is starting a fleet of office buses to travel across the country to register and update a list of job seekers, and to refer unemployed or under-employed people to opportunities for work, study and voluntary community service.

PHOTO; SA DOL deputy director general of Public Employment Services (PES), Sam Morotoba. A fleet of bus based offices are registering unemployed people.

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