Environment law update of February 2015

This SA environment law update of February 2015 includes waste tyre recycling statistics, gazette notices, and priority chemicals to be regulated.

Waste tyres for cement kilns
Redisa has partnered with cement manufacturing companies such as Natal Portland Cement (NPC InterCement), AfriSam, and LaFarge to provide waste tyres as an alternative kiln fuel.

The agreements were signed in December 2014. The organisation is ”looking to resolve issues that the public might have regarding stockpiled tyres, and encourages members of the public who are aware of tyre stockpiles to contact info@redisa.org.za

The waste tyre levy collection scheme, Recycling Economic Development Initiative of South Africa (Redisa), was authorised two years ago in Gazette 35534, Notice 564, by the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, with an Integrated Industry Waste Tyre Management Plan (IIWTMP), in terms of Regulation 11 (4) of the Waste Tyre Regulations.

Redisa told Sheqafrica.com that last year was used to confirm production statistics. The SA economy produced 236 514 tonnes of tyres in 2014, and 177 385 tonnes became waste tyres. Redisa collected 56 436 tonnes, meeting the target set by the Department of Environmental Affairs.

About 162 SMME transporter operations are collecting tyres, and some small companies are processing or cutting, or micro collectors. Redisa is collecting from 1476 dealers.

The story writing competition organised by the Puku Children’s Literature Foundation, and supported by the Nal’ibali reading-for-enjoyment campaign, has been extended until 24 July 2015.

Redisa says it represents “numerous categories of persons that produce waste in the tyre industry”. It has a Memorandum of Incorporation (Mol) governing its activities for sustainability, codes of conduct, governance, and guards against narrow sectoral influences or private enterprises taking over or high-jacking the aims of the organisation.”

The organisation also created 162 SMME companies, supported by 1617 jobs, and 34 Depots are operational in these areas:

Pretoria East
Mamelodi East
Ivory Park

Western Cape;
Mossel Bay


Mpumalanga; Witbank, Ferronbank, Bronkhorstpruit
Eastern Cape; East London, Port Elizabeth
Northern Cape; Kimberley
Free State; Bloemfontein

Environment law legal notices
Environmental Affairs 891 Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations; Guideline on Need and Desirability

Environmental Affairs 940 National Environment Management Act; Regulations pertaining to the financial provision for the rehabilitation, closure and post closure of prospecting, exploration, mining or production operations, for comment

Environmental Affairs 1081 National Environmental Management Act; Regulations relating to the procedure to be followed when oral requests are made in terms of Section 30A

Environmental Affairs 976 National Environmental Management: Waste Act; Proposed amendments to the fees for the consideration and processing of environmental authorisations and amendments thereto

Environmental Affairs 977 National Environmental Management: Waste Act; Proposed amendments to the fee structure for consideration and processing of applications for waste management licenses, transfer and renewal thereof

Environmental Affairs 1005 National Environmental Management: Waste Act; Proposed regulations regarding the planning and management of residue stockpiles and residue deposits from a prospecting, mining, exploration or production operation

Environmental Affairs 1006 National Environmental Management: Waste Act; Proposed regulations to exclude a waste stream or a portion of a waste stream from the definition of waste

Mineral Resources 992 Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act; Prohibition under section 49(1) of the Act against granting of new applications for prospecting rights, mining rights, reconnaissance permission and mining permits

Environmental Affairs notice 533 under the National Environment Management Air Quality Act; Regulations regarding Air Dispersion Modelling

Environmental Affairs notice 572 under the Air Quality Act; Draft National Atmospheric Emission Reporting Regulations

Environmental Affairs notice 777 under the National Environmental Management Act; Draft EIA Guideline for Renewable Energy Projects

Priority chemicals to be listed
Chemicals operators have asked the Department of Environmental Affairs to gazette lists of chemicals where additional information is required, to formulate a position on the further regulation of high priority chemicals.

Producers or handlers may contact CAIA via glen.malherbe@caia.co.za to request information on the regulation of these chemicals, as it becomes available;

• Hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD)
• Mercury
• Methamidophos
• Fenthion
• Polychlorinated naphthalenes
• Short-chained chlorinated paraffins
• Tributyltin compounds
• Dicofol
• Decabromodiphenyl
• Perfluorooctane sulfonic acid
• Pentachlorophenol and its salts and esters.

• Sources; Redisa. Government Gazette. PMG. DEA. CAIA.
• South African health and safety law updates are posted separately on Sheqafrica.com

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