For Companies

If you want your team to utilise as a source of information to improve SHEQ in your business, you can now create a special portal for them.

We have created a special section for businesses in South Africa on where employees of registered companies can access information specific for their employers.

For example: To access the site, your company domain must be registered on our platform. We will only allow access to or email addresses during the registration process.

Employers pays a small set-up fee to allow all their employees access to the site. We will then create a section for your business at

The portal is branded with your corporate logo and colours and no adverts will be allowed.

Your SHEQ manager will be the editor and nominated people can be contributors. Get an easy, fun way to communicate with your workforce.

You can add useful information such as emergency procedures and contact numbers as well as toolbox talk topics. Add ‘how to’ guides to assist with completing site documents etc.

The public will not access to your company portal as all content as set to private and is only visible to logged in users. 

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