Health and safety audit exam questions and answers

Sample health and safety audit exam questions and answers, from Sheq textbooks and courses, are posted here. Theme: Health and safety audit.

Exam Q&A extracts are posted for comparison to local approaches and training material. The extract is not comprehensive and does not represent a full course, exam, or qualification. Approaches and legislative elements vary among African countries.

Health and safety audit exam Q&A

Q; OHS management system audits make a series of findings against a standard, using only two terms, and a priority rating. What are the two terms?

Answer: Audit findings are in terms of Conformance, or Non-conformance, against set goals, standards, codes or laws. The nature and seriousness of the findings are critical.

Q; Risk management audit and review should contain 18 elements. List these elements with their main aspects?

1 Loss control policy, responsibility, objectives, communication
2 Risk assessment of processes, critical tasks, shutdowns
3 Loss control plans, standards, accountability
4 Organisational structure, processes, authority
5 Documentation, manuals, records, resources, IT management
6 Training needs, standards, induction, system, critical tasks, contractors
7 Health and hygiene examinations, surveillance, prevention, records, facilities
8 Engineering plan, design inputs and outputs, verification, validation, changes, product liability, service, communication, assessment
9 Procurement and logistics standards, quality, supply chain, contractors, handling
10 Communication, meetings, instructions, public relations, reports
11 Inspection and housekeeping, critical equipment, startup, maintenance, materials, calibration
12 Change management procedure, review, approval, processes, operations, personnel, services
13 Rules, permits, PPE, refusal to work, signage, security, lockout
14 Observation, behaviour, discipline
15 Incident reporting, investigation, correction, prevention, analysis
16 Emergency analysis, plan, communication, alarms, rescue, drills, training, assistance, debriefing
17 Monitor and evaluate safety, health, environment, quality, system, teams
18 Audit and review internal and external management.

Q; What is an audit?

Answer; An audit is an evaluation of a person, organisation, system, process, enterprise, project or product. Audits result in a series of findings against a management system standard.

Q; What is auditing?

Answer; Auditing is a systematic and independent examination of data, statements, records, operations and performances, in financial, risk, reputation or other terms, of an enterprise for a stated purpose.

Q; Where are audits applied?

Answer; Audits are part of accounting, project management, health and safety management, environmental impact management, quality management, sheq management, water management, energy conservation, or any management activity.

Q; What do auditors do?

Answer; Auditors perceive and recognise propositions presented for examination, collect evidence, evaluate these and formulate a judgment, which is recorded and communicated in an audit report.

Q; What is a checklist?

Answer; A checklist is an informational job aid to reduce failure by compensating for potential limits of human memory and attention. It helps to ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out a task, linked to inspection and reporting of specific managerial functions.

Q; Name and discuss advantages and disadvantages of checklist audits?

Answer; Checklists are;
• Easy to use and update
• Require little training
• Available when evaluation is needed
• Flexible to a variety of assessment strategies
• Behaviors and results can be recorded more frequently.
Disadvantages of checklists;
• Time consuming
• Managers find it difficult to adapt training and evaluation systems to checklists
• Too many checklists could overwhelm auditors with assessment procedures and record keeping
• Managers may not accept assessments based on checklists as valid measures
• Checklists do not indicate how well a system performs, but are confined to their own parameters.

Q; List construction site health and safety documentation audit queries?

• Registration with Compensation Insurer in terms of the COID Act. Did the contractor obtain Compensation numbers from sub-contractors, and keep copies of the letters on file.
• Health and Safety Plans: Did the contractor obtain sub-contractors’ health and safety plans, approve them and have copies available in the file.
• Scaffolding: Had the contractor appointed all those involved with supervising, erecting and inspecting of scaffolding, and is proof of training filed with the appointments.
• Fall protection Plan: Is there a pan, are people working at height deemed medically fit, and is proof in the site file.

Q; List construction site conditions audit checkpoints?

• Personnel Protective Equipment: The Contractor must ensure that all employees wear their correct PPE for the corresponding tasks.
• Scaffolding: The Contractor to ensure that all scaffolding must be erected in terms of SANS 10 085 codes and practices.
• Edges and Openings: The Contractor must ensure that all openings and edges on the site are adequately barricaded and marked accordingly.
• Housekeeping: General housekeeping must improve, bricks rubble, planks with nails etc must be cleared up. Areas under scaffolding must be cleared. Trestle scaffolding must not be used on unstable ground or staked on bricks.

This theme is divided into a series of posts, based on OHS exam theme sections;
• Risk management principles questions
• OHS legislative approaches questions
• OHS corporate culture questions
• OHS legal duties questions
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• Workplace ergonomics management questions
• Equipment, hand tools, ladders, PPE
• Occupational environmental management questions
• OHS internal audit management questions
• OHS incident investigation questions

Sources of extracts in this series

Muzi Sindane, SHE manager at Yarena Civils, formerly of MJ Sheqnet Solutions
SA Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA)
Solidarity Certificate in basic Occupational Health and Safety, 2009, for HS Representatives
SA Department of Labour Compliance guide conferences
Master Builders SA
Board of Canadian Registered Safety Practitioners (BCRSP) textbooks
BCRSP sample HSE exam questions and answers

These extracts do not reflect a comprehensive training course, qualification or exam. Approaches and legislative elements differ in various African countries.

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