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Call to cancel construction health and safety registration

Consulting body NIOCCSA calls for objections against SACPCMP construction health and safety registration, to ask DOL to scrap it.

The email circular reads: “NIOCCSA wants to apply to the Minister of Labour to amend the Construction Regulations and withdraw the registration requirements.

“We base our application on two aspects. Many people working as consultants will no longer be allowed to practice; and the CPD requirements are too costly to make consulting viable in a market that is saturated with offers.

“If you support this, please forward this to as many of your colleagues as possible. We want to launch a national campaign to end the registration process before August 2015.

“Please pledge your support to and add your own comment and concerns. Thank you.”

The postponed scheme is based on the tenuous statutory status of SACPCMP, support by some major employers, and its appointment as designated construction health and safety registrar by DOL.

It is set to be enforced in August 2015, following two postponements this year.

• See other posts on the SACPCMP, and on voluntary health and safety registration, including many negative comments from practitioners in the Comment windows, on Visitors may also comment in the Comment window below. editor Sheqafrica supports the call to cancel construction health and safety registration with the SACPCMP, for these reasons;• Registration does not address flaws in the NQF, DHE, universities, QCTO, SETAs, legislation, or enforcement, nor in business employment, HR and operational practices.
• Registration does not compensate or ‘plaster over’ these flaws.
• Registration is based on semi-privatisation of pseudo-training functions such as exams, interviews, CPD, workshops, and quality assessment.
• Registration would perpetuate and magnify systemic flaws such as duplication, OHS generalism (health, safety, and often environment, quality, and training lumped together at managerial level), sectoral fragmentation (construction only).
• Registration is expensive, and further flawed by low institutional capacity.
• The roles of voluntary board members in the SACPCMP activate conflicts of interest.
• Moving the focus of health and safety employers and practitioners towards institutions, weakens our fragile education and training system, and diverts the role of associations into pseudo-training and pseudo-discipline, instead of representation and advocacy.

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