SACPCMP uses mass health and safety registration

The SACPCMP is using mass construction health and safety registration workshops to meet the DOL’s construction OHS registration deadline of August 2015.

The roadshow dates and venues of OHS registration workshops are;
March 9 SAFCEC Johannesburg, 12 Skeen Boulevard, Bedfordview
March 10 Tshwane, SABS, 1 Dr Lategan Road, Groenkloof
March 10 Vereeniging
March 16 Welkom
March 17 Bloemfontein
March 18 Kimberley, DPW, Old Magistrate Court, 21-23 Market Square
March 20 Upington
Mach 24 Cape Town, MBA, Rondebosch
March 25 Paarl, MBA Boland, 23 Concordia Road, Southern Paarl.

Construction health and safety registration workshop programme
The workshop programmes include;
Registration procedures
Scope of Services of construction health and safety
Completion of application forms
Guidelines on CV and Annexure [essay] report formats
Annexure project profiles
Guidelines on Annexure 2 report format
Guidance on these knowledge areas;
Procurement Management
Cost Management
Hazard Identification Management
Risk Management
Accident or Incident Investigation Management
Legislations and Regulations
Health, Hygiene and Environmental Management
Communication Management
Emergency Preparedness Management.
Applicants are informed to bring along their qualifications and ID documents.

Many objectors and objections
Among the more than 30 themes of objection already raised, is that registration and appointment of employees to the criteria of ‘competent person’, would broaden legal liability for the effects of incidents to the appointees.

Some critics of the current construction OHS registration scheme commented (names withheld due to Master Builders, Saiosh, and IoSM smear campaigns);

“Applicants are not told that they sign up for accepting legal liability for health and safety incidents. CEOs, executives, and engineers, will not register or accept appointment as construction health and safety Agents. They want OHS people to get professional designations and be held to account, as in the UK. Sign up to be charged in court.”

“Connect the dots. They do not have the capacity to check everyone, so they will just rubber-stamp anyone who pays up. This is a pressure gang, as for military conscription, but without peer pressure.”

“Hey presto, 1, 2, 3, pay here, and you are all competent!”

“If the DOL and the employers try this construction-style scam in other industries, we will not say ‘yes boss, where do I sign boss’. If their employers now suddenly say they pay for registration, there has to be a catch. Did they ever pay for proper health and safety training except the bare minimum?”

“This is rigged Monopoly. Pay X thousand, vote here, do not pass Go, proceed to Exit. We will contact you for renewal fees. Is this what construction employers want? Has to be, this is what the DOL want.”

• See other comments, and lists of people in support, in partial support, and against construction OHS professionalisation, on

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