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IOSH SA does not represent IOSH UK

IOSH SA, the registrar formed by Saiosh, cancelled its memorandum of understanding with IOSH UK due to legislative and training standard differences.

Saiosh president Robin Jones responded to queries from made some months ago, saying that Saiosh (appointed as the IOSH SA board) identified two critical areas of the IOSH UK system. SAQA required them to be a South African entity, and IOSH UK does not give full recognition to some South African courses relevant to Associate and Technical designations, also required by SAQA.

They had initially signed a memorandum that, in the long term, Saiosh would open an IOSH South African office. Under that memorandum, Saiosh had applied to SAQA for recognition under the title IOSH SA. They have since discontinued the IOSH UK memorandum.

IOSH UK now recognises Unisa’s Nadsam and B Tech Safety Management for their Graduate and Chartered designations, said Jones. IOSH UK has not responded to queries about its role in IOSH SA, and appears to have broken all ties with the local body.

SAIOSH /IOSH SA statement

The SAIOSH /IOSH SA response reads verbatim; “When Saiosh was established in 2010 one of our main objectives was to look after, and promote, the OHS Profession in South Africa. The Saiosh Council investigated similar organisations in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Co-incidentally as we were looking at IOSH in the UK they were looking at Africa and specifically South Africa. We had a meeting in Johannesburg in 2011 and finding common ground developed a closer relationship.

“This led to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in which, in the long term, Saiosh would open an IOSH office in South African office. The signing of the MOU had two immediate benefits for our members. Firstly they were able to apply for recognition with the internationally recognised IOSH UK designations and secondly we negotiated a favourable membership fee for South African members. In addition our members got one year’s free membership.

“At the same time Saiosh applied to SAQA for recognition as a Professional body under the title IOSH SA. We were successful in getting this accreditation as well as four professional designations: Associate, Technical, Graduate and Chartered. During the initial period in dealing with IOSH, Saiosh identified two critical areas of the IOSH UK system as required by SAQA.

“Firstly the “locus of control” needed to be strictly under the control of a South African entity and secondly IOSH UK did not give full credit to some South African courses in respect of RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) again as required by SAQA. These were specifically for the Associate and Technical level designations.

“Saiosh decided that the problems identified would have impacted negatively on a large number of our members, and the profession as a whole, and accordingly decided to no longer continue with the IOSH UK MOU.

“There is a positive benefit derived from our deliberations with IOSH UK and that is that the qualifications of NADSAM and the B Tech Safety Management are now recognised as valid qualifications for IOSH UK Graduate and Chartered designations.

“Saiosh has been appointed as the registration board for IOSH SA, a SAQA recognised professional body that registers Occupational Health and Safety Practitioners in South Africa.” -Robin Jones, president.

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