Nioccsa bring International ISO Auditor certification to SA

Southern African consulting body Nioccsa offers international PECB and ANSI ISO Auditor certification in ISO 9001, 14001 and OSHAS 18001 from October 2014.

Nioccsa signed an agreement with the Canadian-based Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (see and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), for ISO Auditor certification in Southern Africa.

The courses form an entry level program for internationally recognised PECB-accredited professional designations.

PECB is promoting international certification in Africa. “We are very excited about this agreement with Southern African consultants, as consistent with our mission,” said Eric Lachapelle, CEO of PECB.

“We are growing our partnership program and initiatives in developing intentional partnerships. PECB and Nioccsa both have great teams of professionals for serving professionals,” said Lachapelle.

PECB and ANSI-accredited exams

Nioccsa Stakeholder Relations director, Dr Mario Steenkamp, said the agreement was signed on 23 June 2014. “Certification is a vital component in information security. It provides evidence that certified professionals hold standardised competencies based on best practice.

“Certification is documented evidence of professional qualifications, competencies and experience. It allows employers to select auditors based on competencies represented by the certification designations,” said Dr Steenkamp.

“We are entering a new direction.” The first series of accredited courses and exams are for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001, at three levels each.

The lowest level involves a foundation exam for lead implementers, with five-day Lead Auditor course. The courses and exams are presented in South Africa, with certificates issued by the PECB in Canada.

“We will host the first courses every three months, rotating between Cape Town, Midrand and Durban, and later expand into Southern Africa, with Namibia and Kenya as the next focus area,” said Dr Steenkamp.

ISO Auditor certification open to the public

The courses are open to the public. Nioccsa members get a discount. “The courses and exams are not deemed to be a qualification, but a certification of competence, based on skills specifically to ISO standards.”

PECB has 31 accredited ISO Auditor certification schemes, and is the only certification body accredited for all main ISO Management Systems certifications. ANSI accreditation validates the integrity of the certification process.

Several USA state and international agencies rely on ANSI accreditation to ensure the quality of personnel certification.

ANSI had conducted a document review and onsite assessment at Nioccsa to verify compliance with the requirements of the standard, including impartiality, detailed job practice analysis, psychometrically valid exams, and continued competence.

Since the launch of ANSI’s Personnel Certification Accreditation Program in 2003, the institute has accredited 42 personnel certification bodies in a range of industry sectors, involving five million workers.

ANSI’s personnel certification accreditation program was the first such program in the USA to fulfil the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17011 Conformity Assessment standard for accreditation bodies.

ANSI supports global competitiveness by maintaining the integrity of voluntary standardisation and conformity assessment. Its membership include 125 000 businesses, professional societies and trade associations, standards developers, state agencies, consumer and labour organizations.

The Institute is the official USA representative to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and, via the USA National Committee to the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC), and to the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

ISO Auditor certification with PECB

PECB is a personnel certification body for various management systems standards, including;
• ISO 9001 Quality
• ISO 14001 Environmental
• OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety
• ISO 20000 Service
• ISO 22000 Food Safety
• ISO 22301 Business Continuity
• ISO 26000 Social Responsibility
• ISO 27001 Information Security
• ISO 27005 Information Security Risk
• ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security
• ISO 31000 Risk Management
• Computer Forensics Examination.

PECB has earned an international reputation for integrity, value and best practice by evaluation and certification of professionals against rigorous, internationally recognised competence requirements.

• Book PECB /ANSI ISO Auditor certification courses and exams in South Africa on

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  1. hello i would like toi do ISO 31000 Risk Management please send me course fees and im staying in south africa pretoria

  2. Send me the fees of iso 14001 environmental and 18001 also dates iam in south Africa

    1. Advertising? No I see it as the best news yet. Finally a professional body actually signed an agreement with an international certification body that adds value to the profession. “Non-accredited” but with international status. Lekker man!
      As the training officer for SAIOSH, you should congratulate NIOCCSA instead of sneering their efforts, as even SAIOSH members can benefit from this. I am quite sure they will not oppose to some form of cooperation, as I know they have previously engaged SAIOSH to establish a joined effort to uplift the profession. I also know SAIOSH did not even respond.
      Come on Shane, I am sure that with your knowledge and experience, you can air a better comment than this. Why not tell us what SAIOSH is planning to get us International recognition? Why not tell us about the pitfalls and down side of international accreditation?
      And then, advertising is a source of revenue that keeps blogs like sheqafrica on the net. Where is SAIOSH’s contribution? Then you can also advertise your courses and events.

      1. Ag come on Hannes, you are just as bad……the site is clearly sponsored by NIOCCSA….thats why it does say Cygma Group at the bottom for which NIOCCSA inventer Rudy does have a connection. Even then SHEQAFRICA is mainly in the business of poijnting out issues in the H&S profession in Souf Afrika. NIEKAKSE, SAHOGWASH, Isn’t (IoSM), NOSHOW (NOSA), Irksome (IRCA), HASBEEN (Haslac), and who know who else – I can find fault wif all of dem. Easy. Come on now, lets all play nicely – it is to our Advantage to Act and build a nice communitty here. It is not a free blog here, but I can highly advise that we point out the kak in everyone, not just some.

      2. Koos, you forgot to mention DASHSA, who is also co-sponsored by Cygma for the development of EME contractors. Perhaps your list of companies should take Cygma’s example and join the sponsorship programs to develop and educate South Africa. Then we can have more advertising and so everybody gets the message. It is pointless waving a stop sign in darkness. And then you can add FSP Business, where both Rudy and Ray and Haileth Gunter, and many other experts have input. I guess some are leaders and others aren’t.
        But you are right – let’s play nice – as long as it does not affect us negatively.

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