Health and safety law update February 2017

An update of health and safety law, February 2017.
An update of health and safety law, February 2017.

This health and safety law update of February 2017 includes health facilities regulations; Bargaining Councils; and environmental prosecution.

Health facilities law, and medicines law

  • Proposed amendments to Draft Norms and Standards Regulations Applicable to Different Categories of Health Establishments, under the National Health Act, 61. Comment to the Director-General of Health, via the Director: Public Entities Governance, by 4 April 2017. See Government notice 10, in Government Gazette 40539, 2017 01 04.
  • Draft amendments to the Rules for Good Pharmacy Practice, under the Pharmacy Act 53. Comment to 23 March 2017. See Notice 194 in GG 40522, 2016 12 23.
  • SAPC Qualification for Pharmacy Support Personnel, regarding the Diploma for Pharmacy Technician. Comment via 23 March 2017. See BN 196, GG 40522, 2016 12 23.
  • SAPC: Qualification for Pharmacy Support Personnel, on the Occupational Certificate: Pharmacy Technician. Comment via 23 March 2017. See BN 198, GG 40522, 2016 12 23.
  • Draft General Medicine Regulations: Medicines and Related Substances Act 101. Comment via 27 April 2017. See GN 50, in GG 40577, 2017 01 27.
  • Draft Ergonomics Regulations, under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85. Comment via and or by 27 April 2017. See Government Notice 64, in Government Gazette 40578, 2017 01 27, or via or see some detail in  two separate reports on the Ergonomics Regulations on

Labour Bargaining Council law

  • Motor Industry Bargaining Council’s application for the renewal of period of operation regarding its Main Agreement, and extension to non-parties: Labour Relations Act, 1995. Comment via and 17 February 2017. See GN 65, GG 40578, 2017 01 27.
  • Building Industry Bargaining Council (Cape of Good Hope) application for the renewal of period of operation of its Main Collective Agreement; and extension to non-parties of the Consolidated Collective Agreement: Labour Relations Act. Comment had closed on 10 February 2017. See GN 28, Government Gazette 40553 of 2017 January 20.
  • Motor Industry Bargaining Council’s application for the renewal op period of operation regarding its Administrative Agreement: Labour Relations Act, 1995. See GN 30, GG 40553, 2017 01 20

Environmental law

  • Proposed regulations regarding fees for the provision of aviation and meteorological services: South African Weather Service Act 8. Comment via 24 February 2017. See GN 45, in GG 40572, 2017 01 25.

DEA trains courts in environmental prosecution

DEA Green Scorpions capacity development includes basic and specialised training for environmental management inspectors.

The department offered courses on biodiversity crime scene management; pollution and waste sampling; and barcode of wildlife voucher specimen sample taking.

Awareness-raising initiatives of key role-players resulted in courses presented to magistrates, prosecutors, traffic officers and border officials.

See a separate report on DEA enforcement statistics on The DEA’s 2015-2016 National Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Report is available on

Marine protection project

The DEA had completed a pilot project in Marine Protection Services and Governance LAB, under the Oceans Economy Phakisa (service delivery project).

The operation involved 7 national departments, 3 provinces, 6 municipalities and 3 agencies, related to illegal fishing, whale watching, shark cage diving, off-road driving, Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), pollution events, effluent discharge, developments in the terrestrial coastal zone, piracy, human trafficking, human smuggling, alien and invasive species through the ballast systems, as well as customs and excise requirements.

There will be an increase in visible environmental policing in 2017.

Alien and invasive species Regulations

The Green Scorpions have started a project against alien and invasive species. In conjunction with the promulgation of the Alien and Invasive Species Regulations, a compliance inspection programme was implemented in the agricultural and pet shop sectors.

  • Sources; DOL. DOH. PMG. Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA).
  • This post refers to some current legislation relevant to Sheq management. It does not constitute any law, or official notice, or legal register, or legal advice.
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