Master Builders support Safety Manager registration

Master Builders SA expect Construction Health and Safety Manager registration and Agents to prevent building incidents.

Master Builders SA executive director Itumeleng Dlamini said the new Construction Regulations Amendment of the DOL “will improve the safety of the labour force on site, and this along with the new requirements of Construction Health and Safety Manager registration, and Construction Health and Safety Agent registration, will undoubtedly address the increasing occurrence of building collapses.”

Speaking in an interview with Construction Wise published by the Nelson Mandela Metro University in Port Elizabeth in January 2015, Dlamini expressed concern about low levels of skills and ethics in the sector.

However she did not specifically mention the contentious issue of the DOL’s scheduled provision for employers to appoint registered Construction Health and Safety Officers. Ironically, employers are not required by the Construction Regulations or any law to appoint construction OHS Managers.

Construction OHS Agents, on the other hand, may well opt to add OHS designations to their engineering and managerial registrations, instead of adopting the SACPCMP as an additional registrar.

The scenario leaves generalist officers, most of whom have only a number of short courses, in the firing line as some employers start advertising for OHS officers with ‘professional’ registration. The DPW is expected to enforce the rule after August 2015, on state constructoin projects.

Among the pressing issues in the building industry, “particularly in the wake of the increasing number of construction disasters”, Dlamini noted these construction industry priorities;

[] dwindling level of skills
[] education and training
[] development of emerging contractors
[] promotion of ethical practice
[] integration of the industry in engagements with government
[] unlocking investment into infrastructure development.

Construction industry reform
Questioned on strengths and weaknesses in the building industry, Dlamini said; “much progress has been achieved through cooperation and engagements between government and organised business and labour.

“Such progress is reflected in the construction industry Charter, the skills and training projects by the CETA, and reform policies by the CIDB and the SACPCMP.

“I am also very encouraged by the recent Budget Speech by the Minister of Finance who has allocated a very significant portion of the budget to infrastructure development. This is an indication that building and construction is one of the key sectors that drive the development of our economy in South Africa.

“It is now up to the sector to lobby government to distribute its procurement spend equitably to medium and small businesses in the industry, to unlock growth potential in the industry.”

* Source; Master Builders SA executive director Itumeleng Dlamini in interview with Construction Wise, NMMU, January 2015.

• Itumeleng Dlamini is an attorney specialised in commercial and corporate law, with a focus on mergers and acquisitions. She had worked for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup Organising committee of SA in various senior management positions. She was on the board of Tourism Enterprise Partnership, and of Cida Empowerment Fund.
Her Master Builders brief is to strengthen relations with key stakeholders, and represent the building industry in engagements with government and state entities and regulators.

* See a post on Prof John Smallwood’s detailed views on construction reform, forthcoming on

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41 thoughts on “Master Builders support Safety Manager registration

  1. A well written article by a person who has no idea what health & safety is all about. I agree that training and education needs to be beefed up, but how registration will ensure this is below my level of intelligence.

    ==== Editor notes; The source is a campus departmental newsletter, probably written by a student in awe of anyone with a title such as executive director, and of a body such as Master Builders SA, and of terms such as ‘professional registration’. The writer and the readers are still learning the meaning of business terminology.

    1. Danny and Donovan. i thought this was a forum for professionals to make comment on issues that are pertinent to health and safety and not nasty comments about someone’s postings. I am assuming that both of you are registered at the highest level with SACPCMP. Miss Dlamini, the CEO of Master Builders South Africa is a highly educated person who speaks on behalf of the formal construction industry so a little respect would be appreciated.
      i agree with Craig to some extent, professionals need to take responsibility and who better to guide them than properly educated, registered professionals with the same standing as all other professions involved in a project.

      1. You must be Deon Bester right? Master Builder of Zillebabwe?
        No Deon, we will not register with your plans. Out of construction we are for good. That includes most of us. Our company is opening offices elsewhere, and all our engineers are leaving this stupid scheme of yours.

      2. haha respect? WTF Deon, do you even know the meaning of the word?
        Ok a little respect then. Ms Dlamini is a good attorney. Now she works at Master builders and supports impoverishing H&S officers .
        This is a forum for SHEQ professionals!!!!! And SHEQ Professionals do not want the SACPCMP. And Master Builders represents the tender riggers of the corruption industry, so please spare me the “respect” speech. Respect the law, then I will respect you and what you represent.

    2. Ok, so the Construction Wise publication is not written by the Prof? Uhm, that makes sense! I think that whoever wrote this, was not present at the interview.

  2. Education is the key to this country for those that need to get ahead in life and those that need to uplift thier intellectual. I personally find myself having to crack my head on whether different qualification that people are getting from lord knows where and some of these qualification are not upto the level should be regarded as acceptable or not. As such it put the SACPCMP a task of analysis if individuals training and experience is sufficient for the roles that they have been called upon. We see lots of infrastructure collapse because people are being called names which they have not earned (eg Safety Officer just because of qualification only). So the SACPCMP will ensure that people provided sufficient competency as it been defined by the Regulations because at the moment this safety industry just lacks in it. I will stop here for now.

    1. Let me guess Katiso…you also believe in Santa Klaus? There are a number of CHSO’s registered already (6 to be precise) with the exact qualifications you deem inadequate. And what does this achieve?

  3. Registration will not help or prevent buildings from collapsing, that is the job of the professional engineers and architectes not the Health and Safety Guru. Our job is to ensure the work force are safe and there are no injuries or fatalities not if the contractor is building the building properly or am I missing the plot? Education is the way to go not registration. Just my thought !!

  4. The executive director did not address the “Officer” registration issue.
    We all agree in regards to the education situation.

    I feel there is still much to be done in kick-starting the Ceta’s NQF and all these other institutions in servicing the industry and meeting the infrastructure development of the country.
    There should be a seamless approach to upgrade & up-skill / professionalize the Organisations that are already available.
    The concern I have is that the SACPCMP is now being unfairly lumped with a workload that it is unable to meet and a area that is unfamiliar to it.
    We should be strengthening the DoL to align/integrate with the Department of Education (Higher&Lower) in terms of the Safety Health Environment , to boost critical skills shortages.

  5. It is a sad state of affairs that adults would believe “registration” is the fix for education. It makes me question their competencies. H&S is not a profession as commonly accepted. It is the only trade in the world where over 100 qualifications are “deemed required” to wear the t-shirt. And our dear education system is playing ostrich.

    And people will still die on site, even 10 years after registration. How long has Masterbuilders been in operation? For 113 years. Great achievement!!! But registration is the problem?

  6. I will return to SA when the SACPCMP closes their doors. So, for some you might say NEVER!!! South Africa is a beautiful country and I will miss it very much, but my skills are better needed elsewhere. I’m off to open a new office in Florida (USA). I will pop in to give or receive the random insult every week or so.
    Happy 2015!!!

    1. Peter Sheilds, what a top way to put that… I second you all the while i’m barking in the sunset in Doha Qatar, I will return when SACPCMP closes the door.

      Zuma’s educational level was not taken to task therefore I personally feel that this is a scheme, a money making scheme, just look at the figures in the growth of HSE in the last 10 years the market is flooded so why not make money out of this LOL…

      ==== Editor notes; I would rather bark in Doha than tan in the Rub al Khali!
      But I am sure you mean ‘bask’.
      The current free-for-all in professionalisation (every man and his dog runs an OHS body, or sits on a boady, particulary in construction), resembles the early days of the scramble for respectability in the UK. That was before Koos got there!

    2. I doubt of Peter agreed to the edited version of “receiving” insults lol. He did send me the SMS to tell me about his comment so I can check in.

  7. Nobody is his right mind would disagree with standersation and that duty is performed by South African Qualifications Authority through its own processes. SACPCMP should only be a professional registration body and not in any way be a training provider. If for some reason there is a need to have a training wing. That should follow all requirements for accreditation as any other training provider and should be separate from registration of proffesionals or we may find SACPCMP demanding that a person will only be registered if he was trained by them and that would defeat the goals of recognition of learning irrespective of how or where a person got it.

    ==== Editor notes; SAQA has been unsuccessful in training standardisation, but is attempting qualification rationalisation via professionalisation. Setas have been unsuccesful in standardisation and rationalisation. Standardisation is now a function of DHE and QCTO. Or contractors to the QCTO.
    SACPCMP does not offer training by name, but could subtly recommend certain providers, just as IOSH UK subtly recommeds its former business partner.
    SACPCMP offers CPD, which is a kind of second-hand training in disguise, via a contractor that may have some form of MOU with certain Uncle bodies who also offer what they call CPD. The whole thing is designed to be slightly pear-shaped.
    I agree with Vincent that “We should be strengthening the DoL to align /integrate with the Department of Education (Higher and Lower) in Safety Health Environment, to raise critical skills.”

    1. “IOSH UK subtly recommeds its former business partner.”
      Call n vark by its name – SAAI OS!!

      1. Nousa ek ma se ekke is sorry, Mr Shane!!

        Here are some interesting Facebook comments:

        * “In all honesty, those CPD points dont really work, its supposed to be contributing towards your development.

        * 19 January; “guys can someone explain what they mean wen they say 1 needs 2 b registered as a safety professional? plus what are the requirements and where does 1 register and how much?

        * “U can register with IoSm or SAIOH. They have different requirements. Google for more info.

        [Editor notes; This erroneous percpetion is the result of willful misinformation emanating from these two voluntary and self-serving Uncles’ bodies. They are not designated in law. They have chiseled their way from the doubful right to sell one or two ill-deserved additional points, as crumbs from the SACPCMP table of iniquity, up to the right to sell five points for their tea parties and amateur training. This is the first of the 30 things I will ask the DOL, SAQA, and the built environment professions to reconsider. The DOL said at a Master Builders meeting that they would never give legal sanction to any voluntary memberships, then they gave the SACPCMP a small finger, and the SACPCMP gave the Uncles a hand each. -Editor]

        * “Regarding the registration, the SACPCMP registrations are generally for the construction industry, but a BIG issue is the validity of the registrations. It seems the right protocol was not followed when the new construction regulations were drafted, and all safety officers should be registered, it is going to cost a lot of money for registration, lot of money to obtain cpd points etc.

        * “They are trying to stop the registrations. Read the links above, sign the petition, the more people that sign, the more likely it could be stopped. If this registration is strictly enforced many safety professionals in the construction industry will be without jobs. If you want to register as a safety proffesional either check out http://www.[sales pitch here]”

        NIOCCSA added; The last comment was from a SAAIOS, misleading the UNISA students to thinking they have a choice between SACPCMP and the other corpses.

  8. Well guys, why are we complaining , this is how it works in South Africa now, we all pay Tax, now there is e toll , and WOW some clever idiot that saw a gap introduced the SAFETY registration scheme, THE fat cats can now line their pockets with our hard earned money , this is a JOKE and a disgrace i for one will not register it is my constitutional right to work and that i will do, the new construction regulation talks about a safety officer, so there you see the DOL cant even get that right ,,,,,,,,,,,,

  9. Ok, Koos, is going to make an opinions now. I think the SACPMP is fast becoming a joke. If they are trying to line their pockets by also training those they wish to accredit, then that it open season on taking advantage.

    Given this fantastic idea was a DOL initiative (read DROL, droog drolletjies nogal), we must ask – what are the fantastic qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience that the INSPECTORS AND REGULATORS must have? Who do they answer to for making kak legislation? Maybe the International Labour Organisation should offer a independent government audit (voluntary of course) and rank the governments in terms of our effective their departments are at managing labour and issues like health and safety.


    1. “I think the SACPMP is fast becoming a joke.”
      Joke only reached the UK now? That was 2013’s hot news!
      I will send it via snail-mail next time as the internet is much too slow in SA, seeing that the Woudaarkom and the EMPTY N and the Shall See is fighting over the LTE that Neotel wants to sell.

      1. No, I’ve already stated the Construction Regulations are a bastardised joke before Danny van Zyl even knew what a Healf en Sefety File is. It therefore follows that any initiative based thereon is likely to be a joke to. I was prepared to give the SACPMP (of SA Konstruksie PAMPOENE) the benefit of the doubt as despite all you moaners and groaners, I think the Safety profession needs upliftment of individual competence and I think voluntary initiatives to do so are worthwhile. But the DOL are caught between a rock and a hard place of their own making and so they aimed their sights on the people who might actually be adding to the confusion as to how implement good health and safety practices on site – and that is down to poor competence on the part of many of the get rich quick schemers, fly by the seat of their pants operators who entered health and safety since 2003.

  10. One final word…
    I see the widget of the Safebuild forum reads “An error has occurred, which probably means the feed is down. Try again later.” Does this mean they haven’t paid their ISP again? Spending too much money on registration then?

  11. Well said Mrs/Misses Dlamini! I cannot believe the negative responses from people! Well done to DoL! This should have happened long time ago, the industry had ALL this time to put something credible in place, this did not happen, the OHS sector was deemed to be a nuisance rather than a company asset? Now, that DoL and others which is positive about change, is doing the necessary, the industry want to shout fowl? Come on, the times are changing, change with it or close shop! and o ja, stop being so negative, this is a good positive step forward especially for the employees, now they will get the necessary training, and companies that employ “one-day” safety course officers as Safety Officers, will have to supply their safety staff with good training!

  12. One thing I have gathered to date is that everyone seems to object to the so-called Safety courses of a day or two. Yet everyone, including the SACPCMP, seems to believe that a course of a week or two is sufficient?
    Now if the HPCSA decide to register doctors with a two week medical certificate and you have an illness?
    And if the SA Bar council registers judges with a two week course, would you start murdering?
    This CHSO registration is totally unnecessary. All it means that those who are deemed incompetent by the majority of H&S people, will now be incompetent registered persons.
    South Africa has the remarkable talent to screw everything up. And this is just another feather in the cap.

  13. For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it? Lest haply, after he hath laid the foundation, and is not able to finish it, all that behold it begin to mock him, Saying, This man began to build, and was not able to finish.
    Luke 14:28-30

  14. Yes, even Luke at the powers of foresight when it comes to SA politics. Pitty the DOL do not have the same talent.

  15. And for all those in favour of the SACPCMP, just remember that from August 2015, the Acronym SHEQ will mean:
    1. S – Samtrac
    2. H – Health
    3. E – Engineering (Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil)
    4. Q – Quantity Surveying
    This is inline with the SACPCMP’s transformation policy to reflect the demographics of the education of the Council members.

  16. And the professional designations will be as Koos suggested:
    1. CHS Agents – *Cough*Pampoene
    2. CHS Managers – Saai osse or Chamois
    3. CHS officers – *Cough*Prac

    Sakwa and Seetah will replace Gatiep & Meraai in all new jokes.
    Construction has already changed to Corruption and the DOL is the new DROL in the drinking water.

    1. Well done!! you have guts! It take a man to stand for something and a fool to fall for everything.

  17. The Master Builder North and Councillor Michell has coined a new acronym to counter the Scrap the Crap slogan.
    TSYSTSYF!! Yes it does look like a Viagra advert or perhaps a confession or prayer, but it actually means :The sooner you start, the sooner you finish. According to the latest from the STYSTYF campaign it takes between 4 and 6 months to process an applicant up to notification of exam / interview.
    A quick calculation tells me that the newly appointed Director General of the DOL will have to eat humble pie after telling people at the SAAI-OS conference that there shall be no extension of time.
    Do some math – to register 2000 applicants (expected total 2600) and let’s say there are 40 competent people doing the assessments in 4 months, it will take 12 months to process. There is 7 months left, and I doubt if there are 40 assessors.
    Extension of time – here we come!!
    STYSTYF my tjommies – we will SCRAP THE CRAP!!!

  18. What does the following have in common?
    * 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup Organising committee of SA
    * Tender rigging
    * Construction companies
    * Competition Commission.
    * CBE
    * Investigation
    * Master Builders
    There is something missing – we need a central location for all the role players to meet and make arrangements. Ah, yes….
    Location, location, location….
    think, think, think……..
    Question…can you send microdot messages via pdf? Say for instance in a newsletter?? Love conspiracies…

    1. You are not the only conspiracy theorist-
      Ezekiel 22:25 There is a conspiracy…
      Jeremiah 11:9 A conspiracy is found among the men…

  19. Its a shame that we critise each other at these levels, Safety registration or not ,we must come together as one team and ensure that our profession is improved, what are the alternatives and can we as professionals make the necessary changes.If the process is in correct let us unite and influence the change we want.

    1. There is no team when there are individuals and organisations with hidden agendas, including political ambitions and ambitions for self-enrichment. More succinctly, corruption. Sadly, that seems to be quite difficult to root out in South Africa.

      I was aghast when watching an interview with a Mexican fellow who said “whilst our crime rate is bad, it’s only one fourth of South Africa’s”. Mexico, you know the place riddled with drug cartels and where they abduct like fifteen people and then behead them?

      Good luck working as a team to solve these issues including looking after people at their workplace. South Africa must actually have the dubious distinction of being a country where one is safer at work than going about your business on roads, social activities, at home. You must be truly dedicated to stick this out, but hopefully you won’t in your old age say – why? Why did I waste my time?

      I wish everyone the best of luck if your endeavours are truly altruistic. The planet needs people like you to look after fellow humans and the planet.

  20. A final word from me, Peter Shields, on South African health & Safety…
    I will miss all of you, but you will never see me on this site again.
    I have been offered a position in the USA, and cannot turn it down.
    To Danny, the witty childlike attitude of yours could be better utlised outside H&S.
    To Rudy and Mr Shane Shane I love me Shane, you had the chance to form a co-operative alliance but screwed it up. Saide has spoken truthfully.
    I sincerely hope that NIOCCSA succeeds in their efforts, although I was never part of it.
    I support you 200% for the sake of SA. If Master Builders supports it, nobody should.
    To Craig Parker, the annoying gutless fake person, your day will come!
    To Mark (Whatever season): You are shouting louder for SAIOSH than they do themselves. Stop making an ass of yourself.
    To the editor, and the Sheqafrica team, keep this site going, no matter what.
    And finally, to all the loyal readers, this is not a suicide note. Thanks for taking all my comments in the spirit of freedom of expression.
    Disclaimer: No H&S officers were harmed in the posts and comments made by Peter Shields, save for a few egos.

    Oh, and Koos, just for the record, about your comment; “I wish everyone the best of luck if your endeavours are truly altruistic. The planet needs people like you to look after fellow humans and the planet.”
    I happen to know for a fact that NIOCCSA is not sponsored or had any membership revenue since October 2013. It relies on volunteers with a passion for H&S.
    And now you may call me the poster boy. I take my hat off to these people.
    See their names here:

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