Safety Rep’s Survival Guide launched

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Safety Rep’s Survival Guide is now available

The Safety Rep’s Survival Guide is a boxed, SETA-accredited solution to make the training and re-training of safety representatives better, faster and cheaper.

The guide, launched in 2017, transforms passive representatives into passionate and active health and safety reps. It comes with a box, a handbook, and a link to supporting material on a dedicated website.

The new guide enables health and safety education, information, awareness and empowerment, in the context of disruptive changes at the workplace.

“In a disruptive world, we need to apply Disruptive Safety™, and move from a compliance and punishment approach, to an ownership and individual recognition mind-set,” said the authors, Dr Natalie Skeepers and motivational speaker Jurgen Tietz.

Through research and focus groups, they identified “an industry-wide problem of H&S Reps not playing meaningful, pro-active parts in health and safety management interventions”.

The book takes a DIY approach, with ten sections, covering 88 topics, based on years of experience and research, including feedback from focus groups.


news safety rep guide launch view

Co-authors Dr Natalie Skeepers and Jurgen Tietz launching the guide to employers and authorities at NOSA five star sky bar in Sandton.

The guide features Antzi, a zany ant, as the main character in several roles in the different storylines. Topics include How to be an H&S Rep; Relevant laws in plain language; Self-help for H&S rep functions; Behaviour-based applications; Teamwork; and Disruptive problem-solving in a disrupted workplace; all aimed at setting up and maintaining a safer workplace by activating a health and safety shop floor culture.

The full colour book in the package, measures 210mm x 240mm, with 288 pages, in a gloss hard cover, or a choice of metal ring binding for easy opening.

The foreword is written by Siyabonga Gama, Group CEO of Transnet SOC Ltd.

news safety rep guide guests reading

Guests at the launch paging through the new guide. The authors received many positive comments for the depth of their research at management and training level, and the practicality of the guide on the shop floor.

The style of the material in the guide is fun, interesting, educating and empowering, including full colour illustrations of Antzi teams.

“We write and speak in basic English, and included resources such as a glossary, and answers to frequently asked questions, and self-test questions, and a facilitation guide,” said Skeepers.

Users of the guide gain access to a website with many ‘How to’ guidelines, as well as video tips and techniques, best practices, and e-books, aimed at micro-learning and shop floor education.


news safety rep guide author natalie skeepers and dol tibor szana

Co-author Dr Natalie Skeepers, and one of the VIP guests, DOL Chief Inspector Tibor Szana, at the launch.

The official launch of the Safety Rep’s Survival Guide package was on 30 March at the five star sky bar at NOSA in Sandton. NOSA CEO Duncan Carlise welcomed the VIPs and guests, and gave NOSA endorsement to the Safety Rep’s Survival Guide.

Guests at the launch came from many industries, employers and organisations, including the Chief Inspector of the Department of Labour, Tibor Szana.

  • For more details, and to order copies of the Safety Rep’s Survival Guide box, visit , and
  • To book the authors as facilitators of your health and safety event, contact Dr Natalie Skeepers on or Jurgen Tietz on


news safety rep guide antzi at bookshelf news safety rep guide antz of law news safety rep guide antz self test

The Antzi character appears in various workplace roles in the guide.

Comments on the Safety Rep’s Survival Guide

Chief Inspector Tibor Szana commented on the Safety Rep’s Survival Guide: “Antzi is a great concept, well thought out and significant in choice. I was happy to read and review this book as I wanted to see how the subject would be presented.

“Each page has something of value. This is probably the most fun book in health and safety that I have read. It proves that health and safety can be fun.

“It also allows you to reflect on your own, everyday experiences. It makes you realise your responsibility for others and not just yourself. That is Antzi.

“What keeps one glued to the pages is the passion of the two writers, Jürgen and Natalie, as they weave a story of what I consider to be one of the most important components of occupational health and safety; structure.

“I look forward to a transformed industry, as Jürgen and Natalie bless us with more of their wisdom.”

Health and safety advisor Llewellyn Walljee commented on the Safety Rep’s Survival Guide: “Although it talks to health and safety reps, the book is applicable to supervisors as well as general workers, as it addresses areas where health and safety is applicable to all levels.

“I like the colour-coded index. I can easily browse for a topic. I also like the variety of the topics, the tips and the FAQ’s and self-test questions. The visuals mean that you can’t get bored with the book.”


About the authors

news safety rep guide antz natalieDr Natalie Skeepers is an Independent consultant in various industries and business sectors. She holds a PhD in Engineering Management, a Master’s degree in HSE, and an MPhil in HIV/AIDS Management, as well as extensive experience as an H&S professional across a broad spectrum of industries, in the areas of corporate governance, risk and compliance, project management, business and corporate planning and research.
Natalie serves as a non-executive director on several boards and is a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), and the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH UK), as well as a certified director with the Institute of Directors (SA).
She is passionate about entrepreneurship, and coaching entrepreneurs, as well as helping young H&S professionals to grow and develop.


news safety rep guide antz JürgenJürgen Tietz, or Yebo Baba, as he is known at conferences, is a mechanical and industrial engineer (BSc BIng) with 40 years’ experience in industry, mainly explosives manufacturing.

In the last ten years, he has established himself as a professional speaker, safety consultant and author.  Jürgen is fluent in German, Afrikaans, English and Zulu. In the course of facilitating the Mirror Technique, he has taken 14 000 photographs of “the good, the bad and the ugly” in safety.

Jürgen is well-known for his People and Action philosophies: “These three: Systems, Equipment and People, but the greatest of these is People.”

He demonstrates that “There is nothing which moves people more than Action, and nothing more powerful than proactive action.”
















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