De Novo to launch a paperless Sheq contractor system

De Novo Media will launch a web-based Sheq contractor system in 2017, bringing paperless Sheq management tools to South African employers.

SHEQContractor is a ‘Platform as a Service’ (PaaS), to ensure legal compliance in an employer’s supply chain. Managers will use it to record and assess the legally required Sheq system elements and measures of suppliers and contractors, before approving them as vendors.

SHEQContractor was designed by Cygma Solutions, based on AGL licensed
source-code. It runs on Secured Socket Layer (SSL) Linux servers based in
Cape Town. De Novo Media had bought the development rights to expand on the platform.

The Sheq contractor system is customisable to suit any employer’s requirements, and can also be branded with logos and colours to match the company’s culture and business profile.

Depending on internal compliance requirements, the SHEQContractor system can pre-approve a supplier or contractor, by using a simple online questionnaire to assign an initial compliance rating to the applicant.

Applicants may then upload the required supporting evidence, such as Company registration, Tax Clearance, Compensation Fund Letter of Good Standing, and any selection of Sheq records required by the employer’s own management system, or legal register.

Applicants not meeting the minimum compliance rating, are able to apply online for assistance through appointed third-party consultants.

Contractors who fulfill the minimum entry requirements, progress to the second stage, which is a desktop review of submitted documents, and a conformance report to highlight any shortcomings in meeting specific employer requirements.

The final stage on the paperless Sheq contractors system is an onsite audit of supporting documents, and issuing of an Approval Certificate.

The employer can then add the supplier as a vendor, follow the usual procurement processes, and use the system as part of its quality management.

SHEQContractor serves as a kind of recruitment agency for supply chain managers, by automatically shortlisting contractors and suppliers who meet the legal and corporate requirements of the business.

The online system includes a desktop application, and an Android App, and an Apple App.

SHEQContractor serves as a branded ‘Dropbox’ for corporate Sheq compliance management, allowing files of up to 128MB to be uploaded to the servers.

Each user also gets 5GB of storage space for documents, reports and certificates. These can be accessed from the employer’s laptop, smartphone, tablet, or on site.

Call for Sheq service distributors and auditors

De Novo Media will make SHEQContractor available for sale via approved distributors or agencies, to ensure that the site audits are performed by competent persons.

The public call for for distributors and agencies starts in August 2016, and the product will be released for sale in January 2017. Watch for the release date!

The online Sheq contractor system will be made available to end-users (suppliers and contractors) at only R10,500 per year, with minimal upgrades for additional data storage.

The price includes the Initial Assessment, and Desktop review by approved agencies.

More information on the service is available from De Novo Media by contacting them here.

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