Sheq management queries

Some visitors have posed questions that many Sheq managers may be struggling with. If you have any answers, kindly use the Comment function at the end of the post. Sheq is for sharing solutions.
Some visitors have posed questions that many Sheq managers may be struggling with. If you have any answers, kindly use the Comment function at the end of the post. Sheq is for sharing solutions.

We request visitors to answer any of the Sheq management queries below, within their expertise and experience. Use the Comment function at the end.

Health and Safety appointments query

I have a contract with a company, where I signed a 37.2 apointment. I deliver coils to their clients. They want me to also sign a 37.2 at the clients were I deliver. But I have no contract or agreements with their clients, I only deliver there. Do I need to sign their 37.2’s also? From Annie.

Construction safety appointments query

I have six workers on a construction site. The company is owned by one person. The client on site is asking for an appointment for a 16(1), 16(2); 8(1) and an 8(2). Who will sign the 16(1) as there is no board of directors, and is it not the responsibility of the Principal to appoint an 8(1) and 8(2)? Only our supervisor has legal liability, Construction Regs and HIRA, so surely if I appoint a general worker as the required appointee he will not be competent? From Lindsay

OH and medical surveillance query

If there are no dangerous chemicals on site, when does one have to do medical surveillance on employees, who are working at a waste water plant, and at refuse removal? And how long an interval before we have to do another medical test? From Motsikoe Phillip.

Waste disposal certificate query

I collected jerry cans from various companies. Lately they require a Recycling Certificate, as well as a Disposal Certificate. Where do I apply for these certificates. From Moshe Andrew Khoza.

Edmond Furter responds; Try to recycle the containers. Chemicals operators and drum reconditioners collaborate on container safety, health and environmental exposures management. The SA Industrial Containers Reconditioners Association (SAICRA) serve handlers, transporters, storage and users of hazardous product. SAICRA is a non-profit organisation. The two sectors have agreed to cooperate on developing legislation for drum recon; developing best practice standards for collectable industrial containers; training of container handlers and users; raising awareness of chemicals container related risks; technical support and advice to handlers and users.

If there is residual petrochemicals, contact the Rose Foundation.

Compile a legal register. Your clients may help you with that. Check the Pressure Vessels Regulations.

If you have to dispose of the containers, check whether they constitute hazardous waste. The IWMSA, or CAIA, may be of assistance. If hazardous, only relevant disposal facilities may accept it. They should issue disposal certificates.

Also check the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Amendment Act, 49 of 2008.

Professional bodies query

May I register as a professional body, and what are the requirements? From Taps Manasidze.

Edmond Furter responds; SAQA sets the policy for professional bodies, and recognises professional bodies, in terms of the professional designations that they want to award to applicants.

Their current practice is to allow almost anybody to start a professional body; to encourage unification within each profession; or to let the practitioners decide by the number of registrations which body they prefer.

SAQA should check the administrative, academic, oversight, and other capacities, and governance of professional bodies, but this oversight is basic and intermittent. The final answer lies in whether there is a supply of training relevant to your profession; how many applicants you could attract; how cost-effective your operation is; and whether there is a public demand for a training re-assessment, and skills assessment, in the relevant profession; and whether you have a mechanism to discipline practitioners.

Illegal job instructions query

What are the sanctions against a supervisor who gave an illegal job instruction to a worker, in terms of safety, and then someone got injured? From Diane.

Public event safety query

Do you have a course available which address the SASRE Act, and SANS 10366:2012? I read an article on Sheqafrica about public safety at events: From Johan.

Asbestos health risk management resource

The Mesothelioma Prognosis Network is an advocacy group that works to spread awareness of asbestos-related diseases. I noticed that your website features some information about mesothelioma. Our website would complement the other valuable resources listed on your site, at We offer a monthly online support group where we discuss a variety of topics pertaining to either cancer patients or their caregivers. We have an on-staff doctor and nurse available to answer any medical-related questions, and 24-hour live chat support. Our team of Patient Advocates will help you through the process from symptoms to diagnosis to treatment to after-care, and advice on asbestos exposure. We help patients connect with the best doctors and treatment facilities in their area. Visit

Sheq training queries

What are the fees to study a BTec Safety, for the full duration of the course. From Johan.

I do not know the level of my Sheq qualifications, also not sure if it is accepted everywhere, or what to study next. I do not understand the levels or specific requirements. From Tanya.

My nephew did a two-week course with [a training provider], he is interested to further study in health and safety. Could you recommend an institution that he can study with. From Thabiso Zwane

Which training route may I follow to become a Health and Safety Trainer? I am new to the industry, now attending an introductory course. From Pedro.

To become a health and safety officer, or safety manager, could I study through Lyceum college, BA in Disaster and Safety Management, which is 360 credits; or other colleges that only give 25 credits? How many credits do I need to become an Officer or Manager? From Rafique.

Height access training query

Is it possible to do fall protection training, which was meant to be three days, in one day, as they only had one person in the class? He is a safety officer. From Tammy. subscription query

I used to receive a copy of your email newsletter, but my address had disappeared. Could you please resume the service. From Wilna

Editor responds; Apologies, some email addresses were deleted by mistake while we were adding new addresses to our email newsletter server. Just use the large green Subscribe button.

Sheq job level query

I have done a Health and Safety Officers course, and a First Aid Kit, and Fire Fighter courses. What kind of job could I get? From Mbhekiseni Knowledge Zwane.

IRCA liquidation query

Only Irca Randburg and Rustenburg are closed down. Durban and Secunda are still open for business. From Chantel.

Does this mean that we could contact Irca Durban or Secunda branches for our refund? Irca Vereeniging is closed. We had paid up front for training. From Tania.

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