SACPCMP blames health and safety officers for slab collapses

SACPCMP Registrar Nomvula Rakalote said construction health and safety registration would prevent incidents such as the Alberton slab collapse.

She spoke on Talk Radio 702 on the day of the multiple fatal incident, by implication blaming unregistered project managers, and health and safety Agents, Managers and Officers, for slab collapses such as the recent Thongathi Mall collapse, reports Edmond Furter.

Registrar Rakalote also led listeners to believe that these lawless occupational health and safety Agents, Managers and Officers, once registered, would be competent, be appointed by developers, and save lives.

These verbal implications, though meticulously absent in official statements, are misleading. They ‘talk up’ the narrow and misguided agenda of Rakalote, her board, her newly appointed staff, the expansion of their Public Works authority to the Department of Labour designation, their private contractors, and the voluntary associations with whom they share the registration agenda.

Rakalote bemoaned the loss of life at the Thongathi Mall and Alberton collapses, while ironically the DOL investigation heard the predicatable evidence that health and safety practitioners do not influence factors related to floor slab and pillar integrity.

Not even when they raise the alarm and ask questions about missing pillars and apparent structural strain.

[UPDATE 21 AUGUST: SACPCMP Registrar Nomvula Rakalote said on Talk Radio 702 on the Xolani Gwala show, in comment on the Meyersdal house site slab collapse [summary of transcript]; ‘We are the regulator of construction professionals… specifically regarding that building, construction health and safety officers, managers and agents will now have to register.’

‘DOL construction head Mpumi Mapha has gone to Alberton to investigate… whether they filed a Notification and other issues. Should registered professionals be involved, we would act. The incident has been reported to SACPCMP council. We are monitoring the progress. We are also saddened by the Thongathi Mall incident.’

Xolani Gwala: ‘It seems anyone could become involve in construction without construction qualifications?’

Rakalote; ‘They must have relevant qualifications and experience. The health and safety professionals now have to register, in terms of the Construction Regulations Amendment of the DOL. We are in the process of professionalising and registering, or they could not work in construction.’

Xolani Gwala; ‘Does that apply to managers or workers?’

Rakalote; ‘We are looking at registration. There are many bodies involved in construction. We register individuals for competence. It has not been the case in the past. Specifically construction health and safety officers, managers and agents. All the others already have to be registered.’ -end of summary of transcript.

It has since emerged that the work was an extension to the second storey of a house. The inevitable investigation could result in more than the usual fixing of blame. This time, some fingers could point at the need to improve the quality of legislation, enforcement, research, training, general construction practice, and OHS representation. END OF UPDATE].

The DOL is apparently becoming aware that their enforcement of construction permission slips and safety files is insufficient and ineffective, and that developers, owners and contractors see design, engineering, reinforcement, concrete mixes, and factors of safety, as opportunities to save costs, not to save lives.

The DOL is also apparently becoming aware that employers and agencies are not interested in world class health and safety skills, only in ‘minimum compliance’.

And they are becoming aware that the general OHS skills level of one or another two-week course, is a world away from the kind of health and safety pie in the sky that the state and professional bodies are promising to deliver, by appointing private registration examiners and CPD providers.

The voluntary associations are already each divided into two bodies to cash in on the registration racket; one acronym as the non-profit front for the other acronym, that indirectly charges practitioners for the privilege of writing essays, exams, online tests, and attending workshops.

As the demand for registration tickets replace real training and mentorship, the DOL and the ‘professional’ registration brigades would probably blame teething problems in the forthcoming decades.

I repeat the simple question that I have asked of everyone supporting health and safety registration and professional codes of conduct: what is the ratio of the number of construction slab collapses, to the number of engineers scrapped from the roll?

How does this supposed ‘professional oversight and discipline’ affect developers?

The SACPCMP and the DOL are merely looking for someone to blame for the mess they are making of legislation and professionalisation, both with the close assistance of voluntary associations and certain contractors linked to those associations.

They may as well blame the recent seismic event in Orkney for the collapse, as some unknown callers to the radio station have done.

Public opinion, judging by the summary of the radio talk show host, blames contractors for hiring unskilled workers. They do not question the work of engineers, doctors, lawyers, developers and other ‘professionals’.

Wheelbarrow drivers and basic labourers do not cause construction slab collapses.

General Rakalote and the DOL cavalry are barking up the wrong tree, skinning the wrong cat, hatcing safety skill chickens before the training eggs are laid, calling the kettle black, the pot not black enough, and throwing stones while living in glass offices. -Edmond Furter

DOL announces Alberton collapse investigation

The Department of Labour sent a team of inspectors to investigate the building collapse in Alberton on Monday 18 August 2014.

They expressed shock at the deaths of seven workers, and injuries to seven others, following the collapse of contruction and improvements to an extention to a double-story house in Meyersdal Eco Estate.

Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant has sent her condolences to the nine bereaved families and wished a speedy recovery to those in hospital.

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30 thoughts on “SACPCMP blames health and safety officers for slab collapses

  1. Are we just addressing the symptomps, or advancing to the root causes? When faced with crises, South Africans are highly symptomatic, and our reluctance to drill down the root causes is regrettable. Let us face it, we have allowed mediocrity to take priority over competence.
    Incompetent engineers are using safety professionals as a shield when they are faced with controversy. We have taken infinite pains to empower people who are not ’empowerable’, to undertake serious assignments. Edward Deming challenged people engrossed in mediocrity: “People must feel the pain and dissatisfaction with past performance and must have the courage to change. They must break out of line, even to the point of exile among their peers. There must be a burning desire to transform their style of management”.
    The railways in South Africa once embraced quality as their guiding star in contruction. Many buildings and bridges were built by railwaymen during the formative years. Any construction work that was railway approved, was synonymous with quality. I yearn for those days to return!
    The slab collapse yesterday had nothing to do with registration, but had much to do with the mediocrity that we accept.

  2. Yes, the blame game. The SACPCMP has a magic wand and when this registration process starts in August of whatever year every idiot will suddenly turn into a genius?
    Hold your horses….these idiots who need registration, do they not have the qualifications you have already accepted as part of your scheme? And how will forking out money change that? No Madam Rakalote, you and your “friends” are missing the bus / taxi.
    You will only have the same idiots you blame, now being incompetent with a registration number. Talk about a license to kill……..Rakalote 007.
    Rather tell your idiots to stop asking for a freaking TAX certificate in the HSE files and ask for the DESIGNERS REPORT instead. But no, this comes from the TOP execs of the BIGGEST sponsors of your scheme. Are you going to tell them to File off?
    Construction safety is about files and safety in construction is for engineers and they have ECSA.

    1. This whole registration process is worrisome. Is it possible for the SACPCMP to be transparent and to advise us which individuals and companies are going to benefit out of this scheme? And how did they derive at the monetary values for registration, exams, etc. It is clear there is unhappiness amongst the safety fraternity firstly about the high cost and the rigmarole to get registered. But this will obviously be ignored. They like the government will probably bulldoze everyone out the way. Like it or lump it, they have now got the law on their side and you will fifo!

  3. oh, please do not stop the file game. Just ask for more useless information to be included, like a RESCUE PLAN, or the latest addition in the internet – BUILDING COLLAPSE PROCEDURE. Step 1 – count the dead. Step 2 – find the CHSO to blame.

    Here’s what you should do if a building collapses or explodes. This is highly unlikely but still something that could unexpectedly happen without warning:
    • Leave as quickly as possible.
    • Stay calm.
    • Do NOT use the elevators. In the event that the power goes out you may become stuck.
    • If possible take your emergency kit and cell phone with you.
    • If you can’t get out of the building, then hide under an stable piece of furniture, like a table or a desk.
    If you get trapped by debris, here are some tips to stay alive:
    • Try not to move around too much. You might kick up too much dust, making it hard to breathe.
    • Cover your nose and mouth with a cloth to avoid breathing harmful dust and smoke.
    • To let rescuers know where you are, tap on a pipe or wall. Or you can use a whistle. Avoid shouting since this could cause you to breathe in a dangerous amount of dust.
    • If you have a flashlight, use it to see and to let rescuers know where you
    Put your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye!

  4. I totally agree with the comments above, it is easy to play the blame game but what did the SACPCMP with Mrs Rakalote and DOL done to implement preventative measures since they blame HSE.
    Strangely you will only find DOL on site once a serious incident has occurred.
    As per the press the building plans was not even approved.
    Safety Managers, Officers, Agents should not be bind with red tape and registrations with huge fees involved but rather given more powers by the Act to be able to “ACT” on situations.
    We need to bear in mind that the majority just work for a salary so step on someone’s toes and you step out, as Section 26 do not protect you.
    A proper QMS in place could also have helped to prevent this tragedy from happening, but it is always Safety’s Fault that is where the buck stop.

  5. After hearing such a comment I really doubt the claims made by SACPCMP that registration will improve competency of the Practitioners. The comment is very short sighted and lack professional clarity on the real problems that led to the two incidences. It is easy to blame Safety Practitioners and what about the Professional team involved in the project. Who is supposed to inspect the structural intergrity? Who monitors the frequency of the inspection. Is it the Safety Practitioner???

  6. We can blame or point fingers and say this register or the DoL or safety officers did not put enough support that can not change the status quo. As outh Africans we need to learn to wait for the out come of the investigations before we hummer the innocent. I am realy worried that I am going to be registered to and impatient. Profession grouping that crufy its members on mass media before conducting an indepth fault tree analysis . In the first place I am qualified in defferent fields of safety uncluding construction health and safety. We need all parties come to a three weeks bosberaad to unbundle healh and safety inigma. Health and isafety is one and speak from defferent offices. We can not as country put health and safety in myltiple silos. This send mixed messages to all sectors of our divercified sectors. re

    1. Wow Oupa. I totally agree with you. Government needs to step up and bring about a process for some major debates as to what is required for all industries to properly manage health and safety, and get a single guideline for this issue.

      Health and safety in South Africa has become the playground of every “entrepeneur” who wants to make money because safety is now ‘BIG BUSINESS’. However, from personal experience, I have found that these health and safety consultants are taking the poor employer for a ride, providing a ‘one size fits all’ approach to safety files. No training, no customisation, just a hefty price tag for something that I cannot in good conscious accept as a proper safety system.

      Nowhere is there proper guidance in South Africa on what are the basic elements of a safety management system. Yes I know there is OHSAS18001. But it does not tell you the nitty gritty that a small business owner needs to know. Only some major debates on e.g. medical testing requirements, what should be included in a risk assessment, what is required of a SHE plan and a SHE file, will solve this problem. Government need to step up, get industry and mining to talk and get a single system to obtain the one goal that matters:
      Sending every worker home safely after every shift!

  7. I would just appreciate it if the people governing the system actually new how the industry works.
    Gathering from this article a Health & Safety Officer must be qualified in the following:
    Construction Management with ample experience,
    Engineering, incl civil, mechanical, electrical etc,
    Qualified in SABS and ISO requirements and regulations,
    Quantity Surveyor,
    And on top of that you must have x-ray vision, the strength of an elephant the nose of a blood hound the ears of a bat.
    So basically CHSO must be super heroes to accomplish everything SACPCMP is requiring of us the CHSO.
    So by the end of December 2015 all registered Officers, Managers and Agents will have been fined or ‘disbarred’ as Health and Safety Professionals.
    SO good bye Health and Safety.

  8. But then at the end of the each and every one is trying to get a message across and be heard .Registrar Nomvulo is basically trying to get her work done by stating the above .But then truth be told registration of HSE is ideal but consideration of up skilling HSE officers is also of paramount importance .If we look at the Kenyan NCA Registration process.
    One of the requirements to be registered is to attend a compulsory course or training which is CPD validated then if one meets the rest of the requirements then they can be added on the Register .
    Since the Promulgation of the New Construction Regulations 2014 in February training companies have been providing the course which I feel is also a measure which is looking at achieving a high compliance rate to the New Regulations .
    “The Construction Regulations 2014 was promulgated on 7 February 2014,setting the tone for a new approach to Health & Safety in the built environment. Not only does it place more direct duties on Principal Contractors, but also puts more emphasis on Client involvement in the risk management functions of the construction process. Driven by the
    Department of Public Works, the Council for the Built Environment and the Department of Labour, a number of new professionals are set to emerge from the changes, as Health & Safety Practitioners will have to be registered with the South African Council for Construction and Project Management Professions. The focus moves from the historical to the innovative as new concepts such as Design Risk Management are introduced from the start of a Construction Project. A few minor changes created challenges in most industries, not necessarily falling in the Construction sector.”

    This is part of a training course outline featured on the NICOOSA websites which looks at sending out the correct understanding of the New Construction Regulations.
    From my own understanding with the BLAME is actually being taken away from HSE to the new profession DESIGN RISK MANAGEMENT.
    So if a company has a design risk manager and an hse officer who are well trained and up skilled they are sure to mitigate on “COLLAPSES”

  9. It is very demolirizing the fact that such highly recognized institution like SACPMP would come up on national media vehemenlty blame the incompetencies of Safety Pratitioners. This kind of attitude suggests that the body is shifting the blame to a soft target instead of looking into the real cause of the incident, and assist on corrective measures leading to prevent unnecessary injuries at workplace.

    i sincerely agree with Edmond Furter on his version that there is no way in which the safety officers would know how to install SLABS….that is an engineering competency, the safety officer’s duty is to draw Safey Work Procedures, Risk Assessment; Daily Safety Task Istruction; Planned Job Observation, Safety Induction; toolbox Talk etc. The contractors need to improve on implementing SHE management system for thier respective activities and provide full support for Safety Officers at workplace…..they must reduce thier arrogance of PRODUCTION FIRST and restore SAFETY FIRST

  10. DoL must strictly visit all workplaces to check the compliances, i think their invisibility contibutes a lot on the lack compliances, hence the employers ignore safety rules

    1. Well said Khangelani! The DoL is as invisible in construction as Nomvula’s credibility.

  11. We can go to court and crucify Safety Officers as much as we can. Those of us who are in construction from morning until sun set know the truth. Let me apologise before I blow someone skirt up with hot air.
    1. There is a lot of fake cheap cement that enters our borders from India and many countries. Our borders have absolutely no control over this. If they can not deal with illegal immigrants how can they manage faulty cement. Where you support with best support in the world,this rubbish cement will rubbish you Mr RE.
    2. The high concentration of illegal migrant labours on construction sites do not know how to vibrate concrete if you don’t sit on their necks you will see pockets of trapped air like honey comps. Some do it deliberately out of hatred, jealous, internal fights and incompetence
    3. The Labs that we often use in construction are very corruptible. They always receive bribes from contractors to produce the results that will impress the Engineers.
    4. Slump tests are done very well during the day. The suppliers of concrete prefer to bring at night at irregular interval resulting in cold joints.
    5.Under pricing of scaffolding and support work
    6. lack of knowledge on calculation of the weight of the slap against the counter
    force of the support work.
    7. Giving little power to the safety officer
    We can never produce the best practices in the clinical setting until we put health and safety under one umbrella statutory council. Currently we are speaking from different silos. SACPCMP is not our OHS initiative and can never be one. We have many midwives whom worked in construction for many years and who were mentored by structures like NOSA. Whom the roads and the structures like Union, R101, the Voortrekkerhooghte and Paul Kruger Church square still bear their finger prints. They are still alive, we can tab from their experience by calling them in a bosberaad two or three weeks with the DG and all stakeholders. SACPCMP is as good is our step mother. The reason for going to Radio 702 is clear tell tell sign of how this stepmother is going to treat us. I was a nurse for many years. Doctors always blame nurse for their incompetence, but the profession council for nurse deal with nurse in professional way. Slaps have fallen, will fall tomorrow and will fall in future under best practices in the world friends. I safety we don’t learn by mistakes. we actually do not want mistakes that is why we can not learn from them. Sometimes we need remove bandages that are stuck to wounds. All what SACPCMP is interested in is money. They can manager project managers properly. They are over stretched. How can they even add OHS as a whole. That is blatant obsessive greediness. I don’t see anything except business. Business is business. I agree is painful but we need face the realities of this third planet from the Sun heads on. Only the truth will set us free…..

  12. The fact that SACPCMP selected Nomvula Rakalote as their registrar does not say much for their selection process or the people who interviewed her. This appears to be typical window dressing for EE purposes. What is her background and where did she crawl out the woodwork I wonder? To make such glaringly stupid remarks on radio clealry shows her lack of comprehension or even her ability to conduct an accident investigation. What is the alternative to SACPCMP? I cerainly don’t want to register with them, but will be forced out the construction industry by nefarious legislation!

  13. Dear Registrar Nomvula Rakalote,

    You and the SACPMP makes it law to register as a Safety Practitioner and in what way does that benefit the industry? Truth be told when the SACPMP started we all were running around and filling in registration documents etc… Just to Prove that we are competent by virtue of our knowledge, training and expertise. To make a Statement as you have made is not only unjust but also unfair. It raises the question if you are competent as the Registrar. Please do us a favour and make public your competency criteria. It also can be derived from your statement that you are not only incompetent but also as well indicating that the Registrar and the SACPCMP is out to make money. It seems that Government has found a way to make money from an industry which is now flooded by incompetence because of the government skills development program. Every where any one wants to be a SHERQ Practitioner. It must be the prerogative of the industry to weed out unskilled personal I agree. But to make a statement such as yours shows disrepute. If you want to come across competent rather investigate the construction company and evaluate what they have or do not have in place and then come forward with a statement. In my honest opinion I think you are incompetent and that the SACPCMP is a money making scheme to provide Jobs for unskilled people like yourself. Your aptitude is at Question as well as the SACPCMP.

  14. I quickly went to a random site and got this job description for a Health and safety adviser:

    So you think you want to be a Health and safety adviser?
    See how well you suit this job in Career Planner.

    Case studies;
    Health, safety and environment coordinator: Nichola Isherwood

    Health and safety officers use their knowledge and skills to promote a positive health and safety culture in the workplace.

    They are responsible for ensuring that employers and workers comply with safety legislation and that safety policies and practices are adopted and adhered to.

    Health and safety officers are based in a wide range of organisations, from multinationals to small consultancies, and help to plan, implement, monitor and review protective and preventative safety measures.

    They work in partnership with employers, employees, directors and trade unions to minimise:
    •operational losses;
    •occupational health problems;

    Typical work activities

    Responsibilities vary depending on the employer and may cover, for example, fire safety or safe use of machinery or noise. However, duties typically involve:
    •carrying out risk assessments and considering how risks could be reduced;
    •outlining safe operational procedures which identify and take account of all relevant hazards;
    •carrying out regular site inspections to check policies and procedures are being properly implemented;
    •making changes to working practices that are safe and comply with legislation;
    •preparing health and safety strategies and developing internal policy;
    •leading in-house training with managers and employees about health and safety issues and risks;
    •keeping records of inspection findings and producing reports that suggest improvements;
    •recording of incidents and accidents and producing statistics for managers;
    •being up to date with new legislation and maintaining a working knowledge of all Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legislation and any developments that affect the employer’s industry;
    •attending Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) seminars and reading professional journals;
    •producing management reports, newsletters and bulletins;
    •ensuring the safe installation of equipment;
    •managing and organising the safe disposal of hazardous substances, e.g. asbestos;
    •advising on a range of specialist areas, e.g. fire regulations, hazardous substances, noise, safeguarding machinery and occupational diseases.

    How does it compare to a JD for an HS person in construction. Note the wording, advise, manage etc.


  15. If this registrar has already established the cause of the building collapse, she must have investigated the incident secretly. If she is looking for a platform to indicate who she is, then that is fine, but don’t make ludicrous statements.

  16. Personally, I does blame the Department of Labour for the Accident. Weren’t they just telling us that there are 75% compliance wif de Helf en Sefety legislations? Mamparas. DOL must help to crack down on the corruption, the bribery and the con artists masquerading as property developers / clients and their dodgy supply chains. But first DOL must get their own houses / kraal / nkandla in order – build a decent and well resource inspectorate who can actually run a websites to give the guidance on the legislation they have so badly drafted. What Souf Africans are paying for is freely available in other countries – that will mean the fly by nighters can’t make buckets of money selling plagirised documents not worth the paper they are written on – and it will mean a well developed national strategy for implementation and intervention will filter down the economy from large enterprise to the corner makeshift barbers shack.

  17. The Meyersdal incident happened at a private owner’s property. In all likelihood, there was never a Safety Officer appointed.

  18. Hi Guys,

    I have always wondered about the merging of safety practitioners and people who do the designs and construction planning. In my limited construction experience, I have not yet seen that safety practitioners are involved in initial designs / meetings. I don’t believe the HSE guys are offered the opportunity to really give effective input prior to construction commencing.
    This would make construction safer, but still would not eliminate slab / building collapses.
    Any comments?

    The structures are designed by engineers and signed off by professional engineers. No HSE course could qualify any safety practitioner to approve / comment on a building design. Except for the propping / form work checks, I can’t logically agree that any HSE personnel could have prevented a collapse.

    The enigneers / engineers representative should also check the propping / form work when they are on site, due to the fact that this is a specialized field.

    The bloggers on this page seem very well experienced / qualified regarding HSE. Could anyone however suggest a course / diploma that would really educate a new HSE practitioner and not just qualify one for registration?

    I wonder if the fact that HSE still remains such a vague area of practice, is not one of the reasons that people target it as a scapegoat, due to the fact that there still is no proper measure stick when it comes to competency.
    I think most of the HSE employers don’t even know hoe to measure competency. A 2 week course seems sufficient for a person who has to take the responsibility for lives of MANY, with hardly any assistance when it comes to other professional.

  19. If you did not hear the live broadcast, do yourself a favour and download the audio clip form and listen to it, you might just change your viewpoint and not blindly go along with the esteemed award-winning editor’s statement – “SACPCMP blames health and safety officers for slab collapses.”

    ==== Editor notes; I have added a transcript of the clip to the report, with Gwala’s questions and Rakalote’s answers. Judge for yourself who is tarred by the Meyersdal brush.

    Also check the speech by her boss, the Department of Public Works minister Nxesi, at the launch of the Construction Regulations Amendment. It is on the internet among other press releases about pills and soap.

    “The Department of Public Works is committed to the goal of improving Construction Health and Safety, and we pledge our continued support to the implementation of the necessary regulations, and the training of Health and Safety professionals to ensure this.” Generous, since we did not ask the DPW to train us.


      ==== Editor notes; Thank you for the above link to the sweetly worded speech of DPW at the SACPCMP launch, just before the last election. It drips with false promises. Here is a pinch of salt.

      President Jacob Zuma launched a special investigation into the Department of Public Works on 1 July, promulgated in late August 2014. The move seems an attempt to shift blame for wide-ranging upgrades at the rural presidential residence at Nkandla, near a former royal Zulu hunting ground, and for a series of alleged property rent scams involving a number of departments.

      It also follows poor performance of DPW and its entities, which includes the SACPCMP, and comes at a time of intense faction battles within the ANC that could lead to the removal of Zuma and a new cabinet, as Zuma himself had led against former president Thabo Mbeki.


      WHEREAS allegations as contemplated in section 2(2) of the Special Investigating Units and Special Tribunals Act… have been made in respect of the affairs of the National Department of Public Works… suffered losses that may be recovered… I deem it necessary that the said allegations should be investigated and civil proceedings emanating from such investigation should be adjudicated upon.

      [Under authority of] proclamation R. 118 of 31 July 2001… terms of reference…;
      (a) serious maladministration in connection with the affairs of the Department;
      (b) improper or unlawful conduct by employees of the Department;
      (c) unlawful appropriation or expenditure of public money or property;
      (d) unlawful, irregular or unapproved acquisitive act, transaction, measure or practice having a bearing upon State property;
      (e) intentional or negligent loss of public money or damage to public property;
      (f) offence referred to in Part 1 to 4, or section 17, 20 or 21 (in so far as it relates to the aforementioned offences) of Chapter 2 of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act, 2004 (Act No. 12 of 2004), and which offences were committed in connection with the affairs of the Department; or
      (g) unlawful or improper conduct by any person, which has caused or may cause serious harm to the interests of the public or any category thereof… between 1 January 2003 and the date of publication of this Proclamation or prior to 1 January 2003 or after the date of publication of this Proclamation… including the recovery of any losses suffered by the Department…

      The instruction is dated 1 July 2014, but follows a series of other investigations. The DPW itself is no stranger to investigating misconduct internally.

  20. It would not be the first time the SACPCMP played the “incompetence card” to validate their registration scheme.

    It was said on National television on 11 February 2014, after the launch of the Construction Regulations 2014.

    She also hinted that supervisors will soon have to register. They are looking into it. Her words – “Registered and competent supervision on site.

  21. But let’s face it, H&S people are incompetent. I know, because build files to their specs and just smile and wave. The latest request now was a valid SARS Certificate AND A Tax clearance certificate. This H&S Fool does not know who issues the tax clearance certificate. And then, how would this influence H&S on site? IF you do not pay your tax you will die on site? the next thing they want is a letter of appointment for a Tax inspector?

    Blame H&S for all you like. It’s monkey town and King Kong is chief….whilst people die, we can argue as much as you like, but until H&S can sort out their 1000 million different opinions on how to comply with ONE only requirement (FILES), it will never be a profession. Just a nice way to get the EE ratings up or prevent some clerk being retrenched. When we need a safety occifer, we ask – ‘any volunteers?’

    ==== Editor notes; Raising competence requires more research, training, managerial integration, and integration of the scope of services in construction and work processes. Not better files, which is a result of skewed legislation and incompetent enforcement.

  22. One thing I do not know where to get though…
    A competency certificate for climbing a ladder – any of you H&S (not so dumb) people have any idea? IWH does not have one. I need a competent person to climb a 6 foot ladder. And he must have a NQF qualification for working at heights to climb this ladder. All I get is rope access level 1. Not much help though, as the ladder is not made of rope.

    ==== Editor notes; The UK ladder body could help, at least in defining best practice, equipment, skills. Somehwere in the dusty corners of the SA NQF system there may be a unit standard for that. This is a serious issue because most people hurt themsselves by doing tasks they think themselves competent in, but have not done for years, or only occasionally do. Some managers believe that anyone could do basic tasks safely. Not if untaught, uncoached, unassesed and unpracticed.

  23. This might not be the correct comment column, but I am seriously looking for SACPCMP registration documents and everything associated with it. I had everything and one of my friends asked me to borrow it to make copies. He says it got lost.

    ==== Editor notes; While you are about it, copy and past the essays and work experience too. Remember to change the names. There could be a set of exam answers in there too. If not, send in a few guineapigs with pigeons to crib the questions and cram the answers. Othwerwise you may have to write the exams four times, as estate, finiancial, and other professionals do. Which is fun, except for the trick questions and the fees. It is part of the initiation ritual into every old boys and girls club. According to my behavioural textbook, once abused, you have more than a 50% chance to become an abuser yourself, perhaps even a board member.

    1. Yes, it is the wrong column.
      If you do not know where to find the documents, you have made no enquiries to date.
      Google SACPCMP and follow the links.

      ==== Editor notes; Perhaps he wants the ones with the boxes ticked.

      1. Liewe Aarde – if a Helf en Safety Occifer can’t even figure out how to find the registration forms then I don’t know.

  24. Firstly, SACPCMP should not be commenting on an investigation and attaching blame – let the investigation process work .
    Secondly – “Drive out fear” this is a key message we drive on our project and we ensure that we have transperancy in reporting and investigations.
    Lots of work to be done in South Africa and we need to be working as a team of safety professionals and not against each other.

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