Prof John Smallwood of NMMU unpacks a vision for the current construction governance reform.

How to improve quality management

The causes of poor quality management, and a framework for improving the quality of management, services and products, are outlined by Prof John Smallwood.

An exploded gas cylinder indicates part of the magnitude of the energy involved in compressed gas.

How to manage gas cylinder safety

Gas cylinder safety requires management of exposure to heat, impacts, and other risks. Since they are semi-portable, handling raises many risks.

Site traffic risks are often overlooked in health and safety planning, awareness, training and management.

How to manage site traffic safety

Site traffic safety is often among the highest risks on site, due to exposure frequency and severity of the potential consequences.

Medical surveillance offers more reliable indicators of occupational health exposures than air monitoring does.

How to manage medical surveillance

Several health and safety laws and regulations refer to medical surveillance and medical screening, but how does it apply to different industries?

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