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How to manage ladder safety

Ladder safety is legislated in SA General Safety Regulations 6, 13(A), Construction Regulations s8, and several standards, guides and incident reports.

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New law for SA professional bodies

Professional bodies and professional titles in SA have to conform to new Qualifications Authority policy and criteria, effective from 27 July 2012.

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Ghana drafts biotechnology safety law

Ghana, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Malawi are each implementing a Sabima biotechnology safety law project and other bio safety management measures.

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New environment law update 2011

A South African health and environment law update 2011, including air quality, pesticide contamination, and dangerous goods labeling.

Energy efficiency standard legislated

The energy efficiency standard is is being legislated by two state departments, supporting government strategies to reduce electrical power demand.

Pressure Vessels inspections queried

From John Butler, TO; Welding Institute, SAIW, I query Pressure Vessels inspection points, and AIA knowledge of controls, panels, burners. wiring, and water quality.

Towards Safer Mining

South Africa. For many years, as a result of conscientious effort by the industry, the mining sector saw significant safety…

Mine Safety Bill Debate

South Africa. Mining companies and Labour Unions argued over how to tackle mine deaths, presenting divergent opinions to parliament over…

Time to fight Polluters

South Africa. Environmentalists have set up a federation intended to take legal action against mining companies and South Africa’s government…