Bill Coetzee discusses quality management as a workplace culture, and a way of life.

Quality management means many things

Everyone has a different view of what quality management means, and everyone is probably correct, writes Bill Coetzee. Quality is as contagious as a smile.

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Sheq management queries

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Some Sheq training developments at tertiary and vocational level.

OHS management exam questions

This post includes some OHS management exam questions, that may also be set as practical exercises, on aspects of OHS internal auditing; safe working practices; risk assessment principles; and quality management.

Consultant Anton Smith recaps the argument for integrating all the elements of Sherq into the overall management system.

Sherq management is part of business and work

Some workers and managers regard their Sherq management duties as secondary functions, while these are part of their joint responsibilities to themselves, colleagues, society, and the environment.