Medical surveillance offers more reliable indicators of occupational health exposures than air monitoring does.

How to manage medical surveillance

Several health and safety laws and regulations refer to medical surveillance and medical screening, but how does it apply to different industries?

Occupational disease is slow poison

Our modern business and economic safety, health, enviro and quality cultural weak point remains in our response to occupational diseases.

cv h alexander forbes health med adviser dr lerato motshudi

How to develop an absenteeism policy

Absenteeism is a leading cause of loss. Managers should develop and absenteeism policy, metrics and third party consulting to manage absenteeism.

Asbestos Removal and Disposal

Following the Rules Could Save Your Life As you may know, the South African Department of Labour put forth updated…

Two Deaths at AngloGold Mines

South Africa. AngloGold Ashanti, Africa’s largest producer of Gold, said a worker was killed early Friday and six others injured…

Red Cards for Food Industry

South Africa. The KwaZulu Natal Department of Labour labeled the Food and Beverage industry “High Risk” after a recent week-long…

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