IOSM president Joep Joubert. He is also a consultant to the SACPCMP, and former Unisa lecturer.

IOSM calls for OHS registration unity

Institute of Safety Management (IOSM) president Joep Joubert called for OHS registration unity in an email to Saiosh and DOL, given verbatim below;

Anne-Marie Buys proposes to register event safety officers. She is an assessor, RPL evidence facilitator, former construction HS consultant, and a member of SAIOSH.

Public event safety registration plan

Event safety officers may attend a training course based on SANS 10366, and may join a public event safety registration body (UPDATED 19 JULY 2015).

Rope access safety involves specialised training in best practice, and logging experience. (Skyriders)

Rope access safety competition in July

The African Rope Access Safety Championship is hosted in Midrand on 24-25 July. The height access method is used for work at height, and for height rescue.