OHS Act review 2013 could enforce safety registration

The SA OHS Act review of 2013 could introduce compulsory registration of occupational health and safety practitioners in all sectors. An amendment could lead OHS practice to expensive ‘professionalisation’ promises, instead of research, training and education.

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Safety registration chaos continues

A South African health and safety practitioner with a UK diploma, Kevin Bellairs, calls on the Department of Labour to handle safety registration instead.

Construction health and safety registration is regulated, but partial, postponed, near impossible, expensive, and subject to a Competition Commission exemption application that had already failed twice.

The Day After OHSAP safety registration

I received an IoSM letter on “Registration for Occupational Safety Professionals,” promoting OHSAP safety registration, by the Occupational Safety Professional Council (OSPC).

Safety registration at best is a rubber stamp of already earned qualifications and experience. At worse, it could replace real training with an expensive wild goose chase for doubtful CPD.

Safety registration opponents ask Minister

Opponents to proposed compulsory safety registration of construction safety practitioners, have asked the Minister of Labour to review a phrase in a draft amendment.

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