David Broadbent unpacks the large role of risk tolerance in workplace health and safety.

How to spot risk tolerance at work

Major incidents are rare, but they migrate to sites where managers and workers have a high risk tolerance, writes safety psychologist David Broadbent.

The SABS mark appears on SABS Approved products, and on some non-approved, and on some non-tested products. The SABS warns fraudstsers. A user and an auditor warn the public.

SABS mark on some untested geysers

Following a Sheqafrica.com report on the SABS mark on faulty geysers (see below), a user documents questionable use of the SABS mark in the Western Cape. An SABS official responds, but some questions remain.

A digital automation of the initial blast in the Tesoro plant disaster. (USA CSB)

Some industrial disaster lessons

What are the industrial disaster lessons from multi-fatal incidents such as Texas City plant, Deepwater Horizon, and from major safety conferences?

Mabila Mathebula unpacks some unintended health and safety consequences.

How to manage skin cancer risk at work

Outdoor workers and employers have to manage skin cancer risk. Occupational health exposures could be considered a test of mangement quality in turn.