A checlist on how to manage fire risk

Fire fighting basics you should know. Celeste Erasmus provides a condense and graphical compilation of the most important workplace fire skills you need.

A health and safety culture could be toxic, or even a killer, writes safety psychologist David Broadbent. Managers should keep a close eye on small deviations.

Risk tolerance and killer kultures

Every organisation has a general risk tolerance, and some have a killer culture. Watch out for confidential or fake health and safety data.

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How to update your fire checklist

This fire checklist is a basic, systematic guide to integrate into any fire plan, safety audit or inspection on commercial or industrial sites.

Risk tolerance dictated by human Hierachy of Needs

We make large investments in health and safety systems, but we should recognise fundamental human behaviour factors that make our systems work or fail. Personal transport is one of these crucial influences.

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How to manage weather risk

Lightning and weather risks present seasonal occupational risks that are easily misjudged. Here is a guide to weather risk identification, assessment and management.

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Chemicals statistics 2011

Chemicals operators record death, injury, illness, transport and enviro incidents in the Responsible Care (RC) SA 2011 Performance Report.