Some Sheq acronyms such as 'statutory body' are open to interpretation.

Sheq terminology and acronym guide

Sheq terminology and practice runs on acronyms. Here is a helpful guide to be read in conjunction with your legal register and safety rep!

Saiosh president Robin Jones (photo)initiated IOSH SA, run by Neels Nortje. Jones and his board was in turn appointed by IOSH SA.

IOSH SA does not represent IOSH UK

IOSH SA, the registrar formed by Saiosh, cancelled its memorandum of understanding with IOSH UK due to legislative and training standard differences.

The SA Environmental Management Inspectorate, Green Scorpions, enforce environmental laws.

SA waste law update; September 2013

SA Waste Act, Amendments and Bills, relevant to South African waste law update are posted here. There are major updates in September 2013.