David Broadbent unpacks the large role of risk tolerance in workplace health and safety.

How to spot risk tolerance at work

Major incidents are rare, but they migrate to sites where managers and workers have a high risk tolerance, writes safety psychologist David Broadbent.

Mabila Mathebula unpacks some unintended health and safety consequences.

How to manage skin cancer risk at work

Outdoor workers and employers have to manage skin cancer risk. Occupational health exposures could be considered a test of mangement quality in turn.

Five basics of ladder safety, starting with the right equipment.

How to manage ladder safety

Workers and people who rarely use ladders, are at higher risk during work at height, due to a false sense of ladder safety competence.

Safety leadership roles in safety culture

A great variety of safety leadership ‘recipes’ for changing organisational safety culture, indicate that many researchers and practitioners have each found some aspects of an elusive process.

Nigeria stops work for construction PPE

Nigeria had stopped some operations of Chinese Civil Engineering and Construction Company (CCECC) in Abuja, for poor compliance and lack of construction PPE.

UAE perks up oil safety culture

UAE oil and gas operators had increased oil safety management and industrial culture efforts since a National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA) was established five years ago.

Heat Stress – Summer Is Here

Here in Africa workers may start to face heat-related problems as August stretches into summer and the hottest months of…