Many people don’t think advertising works, yet everything they own, as was advertised at some point. Houses, Cars, Furniture, Food, Insurance, are all advertised products and services. Why should your business be left in the dark?


Website Advertising Rates for 2018/19

Subject to a 12 month contract

  1. Leaderboard display – Top of the Home page – R5 250 per year.
  2. Banner adverts – Home page – Above , Inline and Below the content – R3 600 per year.
  3. Block Ads – Left and Right side bars – R2 850 per year.
  4. Rectangular Ads – Footer area – 4 positions – R4 650 per year.
  5. In Article Adverts – Get the most visibility – Top or bottom of articles. R5 500 per year.
  6. Sponsor an Article – Subject specific adverts – R7 500 per article – 5 year lifespan.


  • Weekly stats report
  • Free updates


  • Advert design fees & artwork

Call 079 887 1031 to book your advertising space now.

Newsletter Distribution

Get your message directly to the email inbox of  2 000 VIP subscribers for only R2 per recipient.

Or only pay for Click-through responses at R12,50 per click. (Around 6% of total distribution.)

Mobile App advertising’s mobile app is available in the App Store for Apple devices as well as the Google Play Store for Android devices from 1 June 2018.

In-App advertising is available exclusively to and no other ads are displayed in the app.

For more information call 083 762 8388

Voice Adverts

Add your radio commercial to our website, which will play whenever a reader opens  a specific article. Select from the Top 10 pages to position for maximum exposure.

Contact us to find the right solution for your budget