Don’t lose your SLO!!!

Because if you lose your SLO, you will lose everything! Perhaps this gives a new meaning to Go SLO!! I am talking about your Social Licence to Operate. A social license to operate (SLO), or simply social license, refers to the ongoing acceptance of a company or industry’s standard business practices and operating procedures by its employees, stakeholders, and the general public. Social […]

Spotfines for breaking new OHS Act

The Amendment to the OHS Act 1993 introduces administrative fines or “spotfines” to be issued by an inspector during a routine or unannounced inspection. These fines range from R25 000 to R50 000, depending on the finding. Below is a list of offenses that may invoke these fines: R25 000 fines for: Failing to report […]

The NEW CEO in Occupational Safety

For more information on the new OHS Act, click here. The proposed amendment to the OHS Act, 1993, brings about a few changes for CEO’s of companies. The CEO is now responsible for OHS compliance and cannot claim it is not practicable. It is not negotiable. The penalty for failure to comply with this clause […]

The Practical OHSAct

The planned series of e-books by have been moved to a new location after the author of the series, Rudy D. Maritz, cancelled the publishing agreement with Sheqafrica Corporate Services (Pty)Ltd. Maritz told that he was no longer willing to do all the work while his business partners sit and watch. “After 32 […]

SACS How aren’t THO?

The Politics of SHEQ should be a song! has never been anything but a marketing platform for its owners. It was a free ride for the Walker Family and a source of frustration for its shareholders. I have been contemplating what to do with it since I took it over in Feb this year. […]

OHS got stuck on the same TRAC!

Everyone who started their professional careers in safety has done a SAMTRAC from the old Compensation Commissioner sponsored NOSA. And for most it was a six week,  or perhaps later a 4 week, course which enabled you to implement and audit the NOSA MBO Star-grading system. This once “proud to display” Star grading meant something. […]