Mabila Mathebula is a freelance author for and writes in his personal capacity.
He is active in a number of professional bodies, primarily the Association of Researchers in Construction Safety, Health, and Well-Being , and he was a member of the Transport Research Board (TRB) with its Head Office based in Washington DC, USA. In 2005 he was trained by BST; a USA based safety consulting firm as a Behavioral Based Safety Consultant.
Mabila’s qualifications includes a BA (Vista University), BA (Hon) (UNISA), MBA (Milpark Business School), and a Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Project Management (Cranefield College of Project Management). He is currently completing his PhD in Construction Management (NMMU).
His professional career path includes working as Accounting Teacher at Pace College in Soweto, News Producer at SABC in Polokwane, HR Manager and Safety Manager at Transnet Freight Rail in Johannesburg. In 2002 he ventured into the world of consulting as a SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) consultant; exchanging security for freedom. He now works as a Senior Researcher at the Railway Safety Regulator in Gauteng (South Africa).
Mabila has spoken at numerous international conferences on four continents, and is a regular contributor to various professional journals, newspapers and magazines and has been instrumental towards the establishment of the Railway Safety Regulator in South Africa and has written a lot on railway safety. He is also a co-author of a Life Orientation Grade 11 text book.
His preferred quote is: “We are unequal in what we know, but equal in our infinite ignorance”.
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