Rudy is an experienced EHS Law advisor and has more than 30 years experience in criminal law, maritime and environmental law. He is an executive partner at Le Roux Maritz & Associates, based in Cape Town.
Rudy is also an Author for and was the Magazine's publisher until April 2018.
He worked for various industries, including law enforcement, fishing, transport, logistics, construction, and telecommunications. For the last 5 years, he has been a facilitator for ECSA accredited CPD training in Construction Contracts & Risk Management.

Scaffolding – Steel or Aluminum?

I recently received a call from a rather confused OHS practitioner who asked if Aluminum climbing equipment is a scaffold or not and if the legal appointments is necessary. According to an article published by a manufacturer, these “climbing equipment” is not a scaffold. The answer is however the opposite. The Construction Regulations defines a […]

Current Content Property Law

The application of the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act to Sectional Title Schemes

I have recently been asked if the PAJA applies to private companies such as a Home Owners Association or Sectional Title Scheme. The question stems from an article in “Die Burger”, 3 November 2018, titled “Die 3P’s – Voldoen julle hieraan”,  Sectional Title Scheme expert Tertius Maree, briefly mentioned three Acts of which the acronym […]


SHEQ mergers, acquisitions and the law

Reports by Creamer Media in 2017 on the acquisition of Pinnacle OHS Holdings (July 17) and subsequently the acquisition of Quality Safety (October 17) by the Durban based BBF Safety Group, have raised some concerns amongst smaller role players in the consulting arena. asked Rudy Maritz to unpack the legality and validity of these […]

The Safety Officer dilemma – How to overcome it!

In a recent Q&A session on social media, I asked a group of 4000 safety practitioners where the general duties of safety officers can be found in the OHSAct. The responses were scary to say the least, and the best one certainly deserves a mention. “Safety Officer doesn’t have legal duties, safety officer is an […]

The OHS Risk Assessment Landscape is changing

South African Safety Professionals will soon need to brush up on their Risk Management Skills as the landscape of the profession is most likely changing in 2019. As the starting point of any safety intervention, the identification and classification of Hazards, has for many years been inadequately covered in the training modules available under the […]


Managing Your SHEQ Legal Liability in the Property Sector

The property sector has a vast array of legal duties imposed on it  from the developer of property to the buyer and anyone in between has some legal obligation that needs to be met.  I recently received a call from a client, asking how they should manage the application of the OHSAct and in particular […]