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BBS has outlived its usefullness

by James E. Leemann Ph.D. The origins of behavior-based safety (BBS) are attributed to a number of different individuals in the fields of behavior analysis, organizational behavior, psychology, safety, and so on.  Regardless of who you attribute the beginnings of BBS to, most would agree the origins of applied BBS came into fruition in the […]

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Companies Lack Sexual Harassment Training

Roger Ailes. Harvey Weinstein. Matt Lauer. With so many high-profile alleged cases of sexual harassment in the news, a new survey states that employers still are not taking steps to prevent and address the widespread issue. A mere 32 percent of American workers say the company for which they work does not provide adequate resources to prevent […]

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Reducing Corporate Risk to Worker Health from Toxic Chemicals

I was visiting a small, long-standing U.S. factory, tucked into an industrial area in a booming West Coast city. Signs posted in the fabrication and office spaces diligently reminded employees to wear ear plugs and safety glasses. Everyone was proudly in compliance. What stunned me was that the factory was generating alarming amounts of plastic […]

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Don’t come to work sick

In the rife of pending deadlines, economical lay-offs and swarming in-boxes you get the flu! Tiredly you drag your body out of bed and go to work – doing the right thing? Wrong! According to the Loyola University Health System Occupational Health Services, people who come to work sick are more likely to hinder rather […]


5 Keys to Preventing Hand Injuries

Hand injuries can be especially traumatic. It strips away one’s ability to work and also the ability to perform activities of daily living. The two primary types of workplace hand injuries are traumatic events and overuse or repetitive-motion injuries. Amputations and other serious injuries typically occur because of a lack of experience or training. Current […]