STEPSS National Compliance Index replacing LTIFR in 2022

WorkSafe South Africa is currently developing a leading indicator for workplace incidents to replace the lagging LTIFR as a measure of OHS performance. And while pre-historic companies will cling to the LTIFR, more progressive companies will find the benefit of the NCI as a benchmark of compliance. WorkSafe has not revealed the actual formula they […]

Key tool to aid Africa’s COVID-19 vaccine financing

 Financial planning is crucial for Africa’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Millions of vaccine deliveries are planned for later this year and African countries must urgently plan ahead to quickly roll them out and avoid unplanned costs. The World Bank estimates that each month of delay in the provision of COVID-19 vaccines could cost Africa US$ 14 […]

Inside Africa’s drive to boost medicines and vaccine manufacturing

Addis Ababa – With COVID-19 vaccine supplies to Africa slowing down, the continent is working to boost its own manufacturing capacities for vaccines, medicines and vital health technologies.  Mrs Biruk Abate Halallo, Health Attaché at Ethiopia’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations Offices in Geneva, is the driving force behind a resolution on the local […]

Africa urgently needs 20 million second doses of COVID-19 vaccine

Brazzaville – Africa needs at least 20 million doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine in the next six weeks to get second doses to all who received a first dose within the 8—12-week interval between doses recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).  A single dose of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine gives around 70% protection for at […]

Public Comments on OHS Bill now open

The Department of Employment and Labour has published the proposed amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and is asking you to comment. The Bill seeks to amend the Occupational Health and Safety Act. 1993, so as to: ▪ delete, substitute and insert certain definitions; ▪ effect certain technical corrections; ▪ further provision in […]

What Are the Geopolitical Risks of Geoengineering?

The prospect of using geoengineering to address the accelerating effects of climate change is becoming more likely, and many of the potential technologies have negative externalities on the global to regional scale. In this Perspective, the authors review the state of different geoengineering technologies, highlighting differences in technological development stage, price, time scales, and potential […]