You should become a H&S Representative at your workplace.

We all know that some workplaces are considered “dangerous places” due to the machinery in the building. But Safety is not just about machinery. Is your office chair broken? Or perhaps your desk drawer is falling apart? This is an indication of poor maintenance of equipment at work. And it might sound stupid, but it […]

The End of the Section 37(2) agreement

The Amendments to the OHS Act 1993 is soon to put an end to the written agreements between companies and their contractors. The proposed change to Section 42 of the Act deletes the proviso that compliance with the Act will be subject to an agreement between two parties on how the requirements of the Act […]

OHS Act will no longer apply to aircraft and nuclear installations

The amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 which is to be presented to the National Assembly shortly, will no longer apply to aircraft and nuclear installations. The amendment proposes the addition of two new items in Section 1(3) of the Act to exclude aircraft as defined in Section 2 of the Civil […]

Liberia Diplomatic Community and Private Sector Influencers Join Forces with the Health Sector to Promote COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake in Liberia

Monrovia, 17th May 2021:  In an effort to alleviate public fears and promote the COVID-19 vaccine uptake, the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the British Embassy and private sector influencers on 17th May 2021 conducted a questions and answer panel discussion on COVID-19 vaccine in Liberia. The first awareness event of its kind  featured […]

Micromobility: How Will We Know When It’s Working?

A few years ago, it seemed like the micromobility revolution had finally arrived. These shared modes—bike-sharing services, whether docked or dockless, pedaled or electric, along with e-scooter sharing—were poised to upend urban transportation by making it convenient and cheap to get around. Micromobility was positioned as a complement to transit services by addressing the “last-mile” […]

What fuels the use of unproven COVID-19 therapies?

Pretoria – The emergence of COVID-19 and the pandemic have raised many challenges regarding treatment and spawned the use of unproven therapies. Professor Lucille Blumberg, the Deputy Director of the South African National Institute for Communicable Diseases, discusses the causes, the risks and how to tackle unproven COVID-19 cures. How widespread is the use of […]

Risks and challenges in Africa’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Africa’s largest-ever vaccination drive is well under way. Forty-nine African countries are rolling out COVID-19 vaccines and over 22 million doses have been given on the continent. Valuable lessons are emerging, but major risks and challenges threaten Africa’s fragile gains. Supply crunch African countries, particularly the approximately 40 nations relying on doses from COVAX and […]

Rapid tests up Zimbabwe’s COVID-19 diagnosis

Harare – Zimbabwe has upscaled the use of antigen rapid diagnostic tests to reinforce its COVID-19 response, hitting a daily rate of 4000 tests – a fourfold increase reached within just two months after the method was launched in November 2020. The rapid tests have been a game changer, according to Dr Raiva Simbi, the Deputy […]