AISE has change of heart about SA

The Africa Institute for Safety and Environmental Engineering has announced that it no longer plans to establish a Chapter in South Africa. The political policy of the government, the lack of sustainable infrastructure maintenance and the never-ending corruption has flag SA as a No-go-zone for Safety Engineers and Environmental Scientists to provide adequate services. “The… […]

Our new location…

Yes, we are moving to As of the 31st of December 2019 will be moving over to OHS-On-Demand and offer a variety of On-demand services. We are moving because SHEQ is killing business!

Sign-up – Read – Claim Cash!

We want you to read our content! That’s after all why we keep this magazine online. Get Rewarded!! Download the “Loyal1” app from the App Store or Play Store and register a free account. You can download it here: Step 1: – Sign-up Sign-up for the Gold Club membership and take a screenshot of the […]

Draft Major Hazard Installation Regulations published for public comment

For the umpteenth time, the Department of Employment and Labour have issued poorly written draft regulations which in all likelihood will never come to anything but a kicking of dust and tyres. They require your comments within 90 days counting from 15 November 2019. Let’s have a look at what impact the draft regulations will… […]

Network 9 and teams up! has teamed with Network 9, a digital media company based in Cape Town, to bring our readers more information and opportunities in the SHEQ arena. With a Gold Club membership of R99 per month, you can now get access to all the online resources owned and managed by Network 9. In recent months, Sheqafrica… […]

AISE blacklists OHSAConsultant

The Africa Institute for Safety & Environmental Engineering has blacklisted OHSAConsultant, a company offering “Safety files for R1200” from registering on its portal. OHSAConsultant, a Saisoh member, has been reported to send out spam email to numerous companies offering safety files on a “Black Friday” special discount of 50%. Sheqafrica asked the SACPMCP to clarify… […]

Understanding Management Plans

Sheqafrica has introduced a more practical approach to SHEQ management and have done away with the outdated configuration of a Management plan. Mostly, OHS management plans are designed to address a number of elements which makes up the “system” and it identifies the risks, assigns responsibility and introduces a preventive program. But in essence, this […]

Non-occupational Noise-induced Hearing Loss

It’s hard to know when your hearing is damaged, unless you have a hearing test. About 1 out of 4 US adults who report excellent to good hearing already have hearing damage. A new CDC Vital Signs report finds that many of those with hearing damage report no workplace noise exposure. About 40 million US […]

Repeat Accidents – Unlikely but possible

Accident investigators may have been influenced over the years to believe that “repeat accidents” exists. But the chances of an accident repeating itself, a month, year or 10 years from now, is highly unlikely. The only possible explanation for the “repeat accident theory” is the Root Cause Analysis Matrix employed to identify its “point of […]