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IPMA MarComm Specialists Team Meeting, 8-10 February, Warsaw, Poland

13 February 2019 / 9:00

For the first time ever, the IPMA invited its’ Member Associations to delegate their marketing and communications specialists to a global meeting. Participants from 30 countries, 5 continents, met to discuss improvements – on both local sides as well as on the IPMA side. Among them we welcomed those developed and large Member Associations (like APM from the UK, AIPM from Australia, GPM from Germany or PMA from Austria), but also a lot of delegates coming from smaller or new MAs, with considerable room for development and improvements (like Nepal, Peru, Uruguay, Georgia or Estonia).

During the weekend in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, the participants were led by IPMA’s central support team composed of our Global Marketing & Communications Manager – Magdalena Gawlak, Global Awards Manager – Ewa Bednarczyk, and Global Events Manager – Katarzyna Hacia.

In 6 workshop rounds, most crucial subjects (such as marketing materials, website, social media, events, awards, internal communications and public relations) were elaborated. We all got the feeling that all good lessons have been learned, many new ideas exchanged and a lot of points for improvement mentioned. Now it’s up to the all of us – both Member Associations and IPMA global – to plan and implement improvements – where needed. We have just agreed to all become members of the Global MarComm Team – and that is a solid commitment!

And despite the severe work performed, getting closer to each other was also addressed and achieved. So, let us build on this fresh network, on this unique atmosphere of departure, on the new friendships created, on the IPMA spirit spread. Let us do more for our Member Associations and its members – on 5 continents, all around the globe.

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