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Many Safer Cutting Tools to Fit Many Needs

At Slice®, we’re always innovating, with a focus on making the safest cutting tools possible. We start with our patent-pending finger-friendly® blades: the edge is safe enough to touch and it cuts effectively, due to our proprietary grind.

These blades are long-lasting—the material Slice uses for its blades is 100 percent zirconium oxide, an advanced ceramic, which is very hard. Third-party tests show that Slice blades last up to 11 longer than steel.

We also rethink handle design to minimize blade exposure and to provide great ergonomics. The result is a unique and growing line of tools. One thing remains constant, though: you have a safer knife when you choose Slice.

What Are Your Cutting Tool Needs?

The Slice tools you choose will depend on your tasks and your required safety level. Your choice also depends on preference, and we consider that, too. Cutting tools are like clothing: everyone requires different sizes and shapes, has different lifestyle needs, and favors different styles.

Some people like the feel of a metal handle, and other people like lighter-weight reinforced nylon handles. We offer both. Some people like a small tool they can put in a pocket, while other want a larger tool they can grip with their whole hand. Sometimes a person needs a long-blade knife to cut fiberglass insulation, and other times they want a pair of scissors. Where one person is a folding knife diehard, another always chooses a retractable blade. Where are you in the serrated-blade-versus-straight-blade debate? How about being able to switch between either blade style with the same handle? Slice gives you options.

Slice tools are suitable for industrial settings, office settings, and at home. And because of our high safety standards, people who work with anyone who has fine motor skill challenges favor Slice tools.

Every Slice tool is ambidextrous (suited to right-handers and left-handers) as well. Several tools work for anyone, while others only need a tool-free blade adjustment to change their handedness.

Now, let’s browse the Slice collection, and find your fit.

Utility Knives

The Slice 10550 Manual Utility Knife

The utility knife goes by many names—carpet knife, electrician’s knife, pen knife, multipurpose knife—because it’s made for utility: these are cutting tools for general-purpose use. Slice utility knives are made to cut thick or tough materials as well as everyday packing materials.

Slice’s original utility knives come in three different retraction styles. The Manual Utility Knife has four pre-set cutting depths where the blade locks in place. The 10554 Auto-Retractable Utility Knife is spring-loaded, so when the user releases the slider, the blade automatically retracts. The 10558 Smart-Retracting Utility Knife features a double-safe design, where the blade only stays exposed if two conditions are met: the user has the slider engaged and the blade senses cutting pressure. In other words, the blade will retract as soon as it loses contact with the cutting material, even if the user still has the slider engaged. This extra-safe retraction style is a favorite of health and safety managers who find their workers duct taping auto-retract knives to keep the blade exposed, contravening safety protocols.

These original utility knives are compatible with our 10526 and 10528 elongated utility blades. We’ve also recently released metal-handle utility knives that use the more common trapezoidal-style of utility blade, found in our 10523, 10524, and 10525 safety blades.


The Slice 10562 Folding Utility Knife, with convenient finger loop at the pivot point.

Do you prefer a folding knife? Slice makes the beautifully designed 10562 Folding Utility Knife. It has a metal handle, with a convenient finger loop at the pivot point. Use the accompanying belt clip to make storage, accessibility, and portability easy.

Long-Blade Industrial Knives

Slice offers a long-blade knife that is compatible with straight and serrated blades: these are our industrial knives, and we offer auto- and manual retraction options. The blade extends up to three inches, which makes these tools excellent for cutting materials that are thick and soft, like foam or insulation. Use the serrated blade for any materials that require a sawing motion.

Pen Cutters

As the name indicates, the Slice pen cutters—available in auto- and manual-retractable models—are roughly the size and shape of a pen, and their handling is similar. This means that they’re easy to maneuver and work well if you need to make cuts in smaller spaces. These tools fit nicely in a pocket and handle a variety of common packing materials, such as boxboard, tape, and clamshell packaging.

Mini Cutters

The Slice 10514 Auto-Retractable Mini Cutter.

This palm-sized tool is a crowd-pleaser. It’s small but powerful. The mini cutters, which (you know it) are available in manual- and auto-retractable models, are great for everyday packing materials, cardboard, clamshell packaging, and more. There’s a magnet in the body of the tool and a lanyard hole for convenience.

Carton Cutter

Some people love the narrow profile and compact size of a carton cutter; now you have a safer option with the Slice 10585 Manual Carton Cutter (an auto-retractable model is coming soon). This tool features minimal blade exposure, so it works well for cutting thinner materials like packing tape along a box seam or box board. Slip it into a shirt, pants, or tool belt pocket so you always have it on hand.

Box Cutters

The Slice J-hook box cutters are some of our most eye-catching tools. We offer them with an orange slider (manual retraction) or a green slider (automatic retraction)—color coding that applies to all retractable Slice cutters.

The hook-shaped design allows the box cutter to sit flush against the box, with the blade extended just enough to cut corrugated, but not enough to destroy the contents. This provides stability and allows a natural grip and motion: ergonomics play a major part in the unique design of this tool. The tool’s shape also makes it easy for you to hang it from your pants pocket or a hook.


The Slice 10545 Large Scissors.

The Slice 10544 Small Scissors, 10546 Pointed-Tip Scissors, and 10545 Large Scissors all feature our proprietary safety blades. Cut paper, Kevlar-reinforced fabric, card stock, or mylar: these scissors are tough. The small scissors fit smaller hands, while the large scissors provide a thumb and four-finger grip, and accommodate larger hands. Choose the pointed-tip scissors if you need to puncture the material you’re cutting to initiate your cut. All three pairs feature relatively short blades for maneuverability.

Replacement Blades

All Slice’s replaceable-blade tools ship with a rounded-tip blade. This style works for most tasks and is our safest blade: it doesn’t even require a sharps box for disposal. Slice also makes pointed-tip replacement blades. These are intended for tasks that require you to pierce the material you’re cutting to initiate your cut. Slice also makes serrated replaceable blades for the industrial knives and the 10490 and 10491 metal-handled utility knives.

What’s in Your Toolbox?

Everyone uses cutting tools. But are you using the cutting tools that fit you best? Slice offers unparalleled safety and designs you won’t find anywhere else. We continue to innovate and add to our line, and we host a Workplace Safety blog where we offer useful resources and information to help keep workers safe.

Author bio:

TJ Scimone is the founder and owner of Slice, Inc. Since 2008, Slice has placed safety first when developing its ergonomic tools, which feature patent-pending finger-friendly® blades. Slice is always pushing innovation and adding to its robust line of cutting tools.

Source: EHS Today

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