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The year has now reached Q3, and a few exciting things have happened. The most popular event was by no doubt, the High Court case against the DOL / SACPMCP by Warren Manning. This case has since been postposed to the opposed roll, as the respondents submitted their opposing affidavits to the court, albeit a week later than the deadline.

Another interesting event is the Grayston Drive Enquiry, which is moving forward at the slow pace of a snail going up a wall covered with razor blades. The latest development in the enquiry chaired by our much loved inspector, Mpumi Mphaha, is the admission of fault by the engineer in charge of the project. It remains to be seen who will at the end of the day be prosecuted by the NPA, if anyone.

As a valued reader, you may have noticed a few changes in the content we offer, the largest change is a constant flow of content from the USA.

A few readers from South Africa have asked why and some even objected to this change.

Sadly, we have to disappoint some people. as the name indicates, covers the entire African continent from SA to Egypt and we do not cater exclusively for South Africans. As SHEQ in South Africa has shown little progress in the field of research and policy development over the past 20 years, we opted to include more progressive role players, of which the USA OSHA is thus far taking the lead.

Additional changes also include a shift in focus from “Safety” to Corporate Risk and Compliance, with more content on labour and employment law.

We removed a few pages with low reader stats, and we are also removing the list of Professional bodies recently published.

Some interesting facts about our readers

The majority of our readers, based on the article they search and read, comes from the H&S fraternity and mostly from student to entry level persons. There is also a large reader base within the senior management level, spesifically searching for content focused on Corporate Liability and Section 37(2) agreements.

Our reader numbers remain acceptably higher than average for publications of this nature and despite the fact that is not available in print, still exceeds the reader numbers of opposition magazines.

A word of thanks

We wish to thank each and everyone who reads and for our 27% loyal readers, our newsletter subscribers and regular visitors for giving us a reason to continue.

A special word of thanks and appreciation also goes out to our paying subscribers for your valuable contributions. Although the number is small, it keeps the site up as we can continue to carry the IT infrastructure and ensure the protection of your data security and privacy.

To our Media Partners and Advertisers, we wish to thank you for your support since the beginning of 2018 and hope you will reap the benefits from our publication to create brand awareness for your business.

On the issue of copy & Paste.

In the past, has been cited in numerous research documents and published books, often without the consent of the authors. We have stopped this by preventing you from selecting and copying text, and images. But, there is still a way for you to access content for your continual use.

By subscribing to our service, you will be able to print and download pdf versions of the articles since 2007. Make use of this feature if you wish to obtain content for your internal use.

As the year draws closer to its last quarter, we hope that Q3 will be a good one, so the financials at the end of September do not look too shabby.

Content Refusal Policy

Finally, we have adopted a content policy to refuse the publication of any press releases from certain institutions, organisations and companies who makes use of our free pages on social media to promote themselves without supporting this publication through paid advertising. We call this our reciprocal business policy.

As part of Africa Media, we hope you will continue to enjoy our various publications and trust that the rest of the year will be less stressful.

The Editorial team

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