NeighbourhoodSafety drops “PHSSE” phrase in agent recruitment.

The community safety program, NeighbourhoodSafety, and its Afrikaans counterpart, Buurtveiligheid, has dropped the acronymn PHSSE from advertisements calling for agents.

This decision was made on 10 March 2020 after the company’s recruitment department were flooded by applications from Occupational Health and Safety officers under the impression that this is the same function as the Pr.CHSA agent under the construction regulations.

NeighbourhoodSafety has revised their recruitment specification to call for Membership Consultants and Community Safety & Security Co-ordinators instead, the latter being holders of the B.Tech Environmental Health qualification.

The company also said that applicants failed to read the advertisements and submitted CV’s where the requirement was for registered companies to apply for registration on its database of approved vendors.

Since the deluge of applicants, the company has also made the decision to give preferences to their members who desires to earn an income as independent self-employed persons in order to curb unemployment in SA.

People who submitted CV’s as a “job application” can consider their applications rejected as no salary-based jobs were ever available.