USA occupational hygiene registration link to SAIOH

The USA occupational hygiene registration body AIHA, partnered with the Southern African Institute for Occupational Hygiene (SAIOH).

The American Industrial Hygiene Associaion (AIHA) and SAIOH partnership of November 2015 is “for technical cooperation in areas such as the exchange of scientific information.”

The organised hygiene partners will also aim at mutual “identification of opportunities for transferring and promoting knowledge and findings in the field of occupational health and safety.”

The two organizations will “work together to identify industrial hygiene initiatives that may present opportunities for joint collaboration, such as training courses, seminars, and conferences where workplace safety and health are proactively addressed,” according to AIHA.

USA AIHA president, Daniel H Anna.
USA AIHA president, Daniel H Anna.

SAIOH has about 800 members. It was created in 2000 in a merger of the Occupational Hygiene Association of South Africa and the Institute of Occupational Hygienists of South Africa.

The SAIOH Professionals Certification Board registers candidates if they meet certain criteria. The three accredited occupational hygiene designations recognised by SAQA are:
• Occupational Hygiene Assistant (OHA)
• Occupational Hygiene Technologist (OHT)
• Occupational Hygienist (OH)

The American Industrial Hygiene Association© (AIHA) has been honored by the International Academy of Visual Arts and awarded two Communicator Awards for its video: “The Right Thing To Do – What is Industrial Hygiene?”

Using clear language and images understandable to a wide audience, the animated video explores the role of industrial and occupational hygienists in keeping people safe at work.

The video can be viewed and downloaded at:

AIHA Executive Director Peter J. O’Neill, FASAE, CAE, said the video demonstrates that the exposures facing modern workers are challenging and the need for industrial hygiene is greater than ever.

“Thhrough scientific and educational techniques, industrial hygienists are able to solve health and safety problems in thousands of different work settings and in the community.”

AIHA also received an International Summit Creative Award in the category of education/training videos.

Founded in 1939, the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) is the premier association of occupational and environmental health and safety professionals.

AIHA’s 10 000 members play a crucial role on the front line of worker health and safety every day.

Members represent a cross-section of industry, private business, labor, government and academia.

Sources; OHSonline, Texas. AIHA, USA.

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