OHS Act will no longer apply to aircraft and nuclear installations

The amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 which is to be presented to the National Assembly shortly, will no longer apply to aircraft and nuclear installations.

The amendment proposes the addition of two new items in Section 1(3) of the Act to exclude aircraft as defined in Section 2 of the Civil Aviation Act, and also Nuclear installations defined in the Nuclear Energy Act.

The Minister of Employment Labour informed parliament that he intends to present the amended bill shortly.

The OHS Bill 2021, which seeks to increase government’s power to intervene in the quality of OHS in South Africa has been awaited since 2017.

Other amendments includes giving the SA Institution of Occupational Hygiene a statutory counterpart with the introduction of a “body approved by the chief inspector” for the registration of Occupational Hygienists.

We are likely to see a repeat of the “construction registration” process, but at least this time the line of competency is clearer.

The Amendments is available for download from the WorkSafe website

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