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Our Services

We offer a range of services within the Safety, Occupational Health & Hygiene, Environment and Quality Worklife fields throughout Africa.

This includes:

Occupational Safety

(Also known as Occupational Health and Safety)

Occupational Safety is an engineering discipline dealing with physical hazards which my cause death or injury. These hazards falls into four main categories.

  • Buildings and Premises
  • Plant And Machinery
  • Electrical Installations and Machinery
  • Hazardous facilities and installations

Occupational Health & Hygiene

Contrary to popular belief, this is not the same as Occupational Health & Safety, but a specialist discipline performed by Doctors, Occupational Health Practitioners and Industrial Hygienists.

OHH addresses the impacts of health related stress factors on the employee through scientific and clinical evaluations as a means to identify problem areas which needs to be addressed in the management of the business.

Environmental Management

This discipline deals with the impact of business operations on the environment we live in. Besides the obvious air, water and ground pollution, there are many aspects to the environment that impacts on the most important asset in your business; it’s people.

Quality of Life

Sheqafrica has done away with the concept of Quality management from a product or service delivery point of view as it has become less important in the modern world. While it is still relevant to ensure consistency in a product or service delivery, it is less important to the consumer at the end of the day.

Quality of Life impacts the global community and knowing your company is involved in slavery will place a sudden stop to your production line, regardless of your ISO 9001 certification.

Quality of Life is the ultimate objective in the SHEQ deliverables and it is based on the 8 dimensions of Human Wellness.