The Government of Korea partners with WHO to support Maternal Health and Child Health Delivery in Busoga Sub-region, Eastern Uganda

Busoga sub-region in eastern Uganda typifies the social and economic challenges that poor countries are constantly grappling with. Situated in the eastern part of the country and comprising 11 districts with a population of 3,918,500 people, the sub-region is ranked third poorest in the country by the Uganda Bureau of statistics. Recent poor agricultural harvests, […]

The pitfalls of Self-help OHS packages

In South Africa there are countless “solutions” for businesses to manage OHS on a DIY basis. While some are great, most are nothing but an expensive collection of editable samples. Price tags from R500 to R25 000 are nothing new. But which one is the best? How do you decide what “system” works for you? […]

Over 1.2 million need health assistance in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado Province

Pemba, 21 May 2021 – More than 1.2 million people urgently need health assistance in Cabo Delgado Province in northern Mozambique where recent armed attacks sparked further population displacement and deepened a protracted humanitarian crisis. Violence and insecurity have damaged or forced shut nearly a third of the province’s 132 health facilities, depriving communities of […]

Don’t lose your SLO!!!

Because if you lose your SLO, you will lose everything! Perhaps this gives a new meaning to Go SLO!! I am talking about your Social Licence to Operate. A social license to operate (SLO), or simply social license, refers to the ongoing acceptance of a company or industry’s standard business practices and operating procedures by its employees, stakeholders, and the general public. Social […]

STEPSS to Social Sustainability in business

Social sustainability is about identifying and managing business impacts, both positive and negative, on people. The WorkSafe STEPSS™ program launched in South Africa in 2021, focuses on these business impacts in its fourth module. Going beyond the generality of Occupational Safety, STEPSS combines the recommendations of the UN Global Compact and the nine principles of […]

EPFL works to mitigate risk of space debris collision

Space debris threatens human safety in space and puts at risk critical space-based infrastructure that supports services such as the internet, global navigation and climate monitoring. A new project from the EPFL International Risk Governance Center (IRGC), in collaboration with the EPFL Space Center (eSpace) and Space Innovation, is studying the governance of risks related to space debris and […]