PRiSMa snubs Saiosh designations as useless.

PRiSMa, the property risk management division of the Cygma Group have changed their employment criteria for risk management practitioners in the property sector.

With the Property Practitioner’s Bill awaiting proclamation by the President Cyril Ramaphosa, PRiSMa will no longer be allowed to appoint Saiosh members as property risk consultants. PRiSMa informed its divisional managers in South Africa that Saiosh members have three months to register with the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority or face retrenchment once the Bill is signed by the President.

Around 300 safety practitioners will come under the axe when the deadline is reached. PRISM’s managing director, Dr. Mario Steenkamp told that the change in law is out of their control and that Saiosh’s GradIOSH designation is no longer valid and acceptable. PRiSMa consultants will in future have to be compliant with the PPA in order to practice in the field of property safety assessors and home inspectors. “We never had legal requirements on which to assess competency and relied on the Saiosh designations for guidance. With the PPA, Saiosh designations will become irrelevant and useless. We have to accept these changes as it is out of our control.” Steenkamp said.



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