rebrands as membership association

The impact of the Gobal lockdown has forced many companies around the world to do some introspection and look at the future. is not immune to the effect of the lockdown and have since 2007 made several attempts to maintain its sustainability. Until recently, the group of companies contributing to the upkeep of has been a major source of revenue.

In the post-COVID era, this will however change and although the magazine’s domain name puts a certain connotation to its purpose, the time has come to re-evaluate the purpose and role the magazine will play from the end of May 2020.

The SHEQ Acronym represents the four non-core disciplines, Safety, Health, Environment and Quality in the business world, predominently in developing countries. The modern world have a more specialist approach and do not use SHEQ as a stand alone phrase which is often also used as a professional group of people, or SHEQ practitioners.

The COVID crisis has however forced the holding company, The High Option Ltd, to re-evaluate its position on the importance of SHEQ as a business venture and will be shutting down all its SHEQ related entities over the next couple of months.

How this will impact readers.

There are ample sources of information on SHEQ available on the internet. The rebranding of will not have a negative impact on the business community or the people who functions within the SHEQ disciplines. There are at least three professional associations for every letter in SHEQ who is more than willing to keep you informed for a small annual fee.

What is the new all about?

Rebranded as The African Society of Health and Environmental Quality or ASHEQ, will focus on the Quality of Health and Environmental issues that impacts on the Quality of Life of the individual on the African continent.  The Society will function as a non-profit professional association of individuals and businesses operating within the Social Compact and focus on human rights. It will no longer cater for the OHSA fraternity.

The Institute will be partnering with Public and Community Health Practitioners and Environmental Specialists and bodies all over the world to bring you the latest trends, news and innovation.

In addition to the change in focus, the content will only be made available to members.

Membership will be open to anyone who contributes in the following fields:

  • Public, Primary and Occupational Health Care.
  • Environmental Responsibility and Waste Management.

The good news for a few OHS practitioners with the appropriate qualifications is that the Society opens up a new avenue for career movement. With a qualification like the B.Tech Environmental Health, most of the competencies of a Social Compliance Auditor has been covered.

The bad news for the supporters of OHS designations is that the Institute will not be adding band-aid to tertiary degrees by offering recognition stamps under a “Cookie Per Day” policy.

Membership is open to any person with an interest in the objects of the Society.

A Professional Membership will be available during 2020 for practitioners registered with the Medical and Environmental Regulatory Authorities in Africa, including the HPCSA and SACNASP in South Africa.