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Registration on our Central Practitioner Database is now open.


We have received complaints that we refer to our Central Practitioner Database as “the CPD”.

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Our registration on the CPD has nothing to do with registration with a professional association or body.

You register on the CPD to be included when we require practitioners for certain contracts. This is not a job portal and we do not guarantee any future work. What we do guarantee is that we only source practitioners from our own database. This is to ensure we comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act applicable in South Africa. Any release of personal information by another party, such as SAIOSH, is a criminal offence. The information held by the SACPCMP is public information and is in public domain.

We reserve the right to charge for this service as we are not an intermediary for a third party. We are a commercial company registered for profit on which we have to pay taxes.

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