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Register your waste storage facility

In terms of the new Norms and Standards for the Storage of Waste, every waste storage facility that has the capacity to store 80 cubic metres of hazardous waste or 100 cubic metres of general waste must be registered with the Department of Environmental Affairs.  It is important to note that the Norms and Standards refers to the capacity of the waste storage facility and not the quantity of actual waste stored.

“Waste” means any substance, material or object, that is unwanted, rejected, abandoned, discarded or disposed of, by the holder of the substance and includes materials like, amongst others:

  • paper, boxes, plastic, glass;
  • scrap metals;
  • garden and kitchen waste;
  • food, medical and recyclable waste.

The waste facility registration process should be distinguished from an application for a waste management license in that no environmental impact assessment or any scientific environmental tests are required.  The registration process involves the compilation of a short application as per the requirements of the Norms and Standards.

Louis Fourie
Louis Fourie
Louis Fourie is a senior associate in commercial, corporate and environmental practice at Higgs Attorneys Inc. Louis obtained an LLB as well as an LLM in Environmental Law from the North-West University. He is currently studying towards the qualification of Chartered Company Secretary.

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