SACS How aren’t THO?

The Politics of SHEQ should be a song! has never been anything but a marketing platform for its owners. It was a free ride for the Walker Family and a source of frustration for its shareholders.

I have been contemplating what to do with it since I took it over in Feb this year. But the story behind the scenes is even more amaizing. Perhaps I should share that with you, but then again, you like Free stuff don’t you? So I guess, I will keep that to myself.

All I am willing to share it that I bought this domain for R10. What a bargain!

All because someone made a huge mistake. well, a R300 000 plus mistake.

When I saw SACS being sued for outstanding hosting fees, I perked up!

Cygma has been downsizing in SA since 2014, and the latest is that Cygma SHEQ is also belly up. I noticed their website being redirected to Cygma’s hosting site. But the battle between the SHREQS is not over yet. The lockdown killed many companies and many is yet to call it quits. Cutting down on costs is the flavour of the decade. And the SHERQS will have to follow suit or jump ship.

Any way, back to my R10 bargain…

I am pleased to say that I am opening the door on I am not going to entertain the Walker Family alone. I am going public. has jumped the fence ladies and gentlemen!

We are now officially a NEWSPAPER!!!!!!

So, while the Jury is still out on the issue, Should you represent the interest of the worker or the employer, Sheqafrica has opted to support the former.

KYR!!! is back!

Know your Rights!

The downside is that you will have to accept that OHS is an HR function and my focus will be on what you can do if your SHERQ and all the number appointees like the 16.1 and 16.2 and 8.3 and whatever does not listen!

I am the 16.1 of the 2.0 and you better listen 4.5.6!

Have fun, this safety lady is out for the day!



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