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Sequential Energy Shut-off Plans

In many installations, an annual shutdown is a very high risk period and if the plant is shut down incorrectly it can lead to catastrophic disasters and properly constructed Sequential Energy Shut-off Plans could prevent these disasters from happening.

In the simplest terms, SESO Plans can be compared to a motor-vehicle driven at 100mph. To stop, you need a sequence of events to happen in an exact order to prevent disaster. You cannot just switch off the ignition as it will disable the brakes, the power steering and the air bags, leaving you to become a living crash test dummy.

Our process safety engineers will assist you to develop properly documented Sequential Energy Shut-off Plans for Major shutdowns and Major Maintenance based on all forms of energy including EMR.

We look at:

  • Sources of Energy in the installation.
  • The interactive relationship between these sources of energy.
  • The impact of inversed energy reduction or incorrect sequencing.
  • Lock out Tag Out processes
  • Emergency conditions and preparedness
  • Public Safety